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Tiger Army Interview with Nick 13!

 Tiger Army is a phenomenal Psychobilly band that always keep evolving. They have never kept the same sound like a lot of bands of today. Every Album is different and this case that’s a good thing. Tiger army has put Psychobilly on the map and made it the beast that it is today. I know a lot of die-hard fans may argue this to be lies but they are a pioneer of the genre and no one can argue that.  This was my very first interview and I missed my prom and it was totally worth it! It was truly a pleasure and an honor to sit down with Nick 13 and here’s what he had to say.

BBM: What made you want to play music?
Nick 13: I was always in to music from the time of a kid at about age 11 when I got into punk rock there was something about it. I was so into it that I felt just listening to it wasn’t enough I had to be closer to it than that and in order to do that I had to play it.  I thin k the fact that the skill level instruments wasn’t necessarily that high of a lot of punk bands it made it seem not so intimidating you know if you listen to a record on the radio you don’t picture yourself ever doing that whereas it’s not so hard to picture your self-picking up a guitar and making some noise in a garage.

BBM: When you first made your cd did you expect the group to grow this big?
Nick 13: No I didn’t when it started in late 95 early 96 there was no Psychobilly scene in the states. There where a few people here and there into it and I don’t think we had any Psycho’s in the United States. Now there is a big scene in Cali and some kinda scene from coast to coast. Its kinda what I always hoped who happen but I didn’t necessarily think it would.

BBM: The new album talks a lot about love. Are you in love?
Nick 13: Yeah, I am now actually I wasn’t when I wrote the record but you know I think with the songs aren’t always about what’s happening at the time there always personal but a lot of time your drawing on past feelings and its almost like writing a short story you don’t have to feel those emotions at the time your going to be reflecting on it.

BBM: Tiger army has some really deep lyrics. Do you ever get writers block and how do you overcome it?
Nick 13: Sometimes I mean the approach I have is I never try to write on schedule. Some bands will say where going to write a record this month. With me there are times when I focus on writing but it’s never the kind of thing that I have to do it right now. Ill take some time off and relax and ill pick up the guitar when I feel inspired and as far as lyrics it does get tough after your you write 3 records you explore a lot of those themes and the themes close to you. You have to look for either new ways to say the same thing or find new things you still relate to so that can be hard.

BBM: How’s touring Texas different the touring other places?
Nick 13: Texas is a really unique place in the United States I mean in the world its funny though we just did a tour down in Australia. Australia is the only place ive ever been that reminds me of Texas  because it really big the cities are spread out with nothing in between but when you get there the cities are really cool and a tight music scene with people really into it that’s kinda how I think of Texas. It’s hard to explain its definitely a unique place to tour.

BBM: What inspired you say Tiger Army Never Die and the kids cheer it as an anthem?

Nick 13: Those are words that came to me they’ve taken on a lot of meanings it’s something that are kinda primitive almost a sub conscience level.

BBM: How does it feel to have your first head lining tour?
Nick 13: Its cool you know I’ve]} been doing tiger army for a long time im on the 9th year with the band put a lot of time and hard work and I’m happy that things are still progressing and moving up for us it’s proud to be able to do a us headline its going really well so far

BBM: You have any pre show rituals you always follow?
Nick 13: It depends putting on makeup is one of them. It helps me concentrate and get me in my own world you’re not talking to no one else. Vocal warm ups sometimes it kinda depends where my voice is at if its fine ill warm up less if where in colder weather and my voice is ruffer ill drink warm water and humidifier

BBM: What’s your favorite Psychobilly band?
Nick 13: I like Psychobilly bands that have unique sounds as far as style I like stuff that’s kinda all over the place. I like the old British stuff the kinda early Psychobilly that has a neo rockabilly influence. Also enjoy harder stuff like Mad Marbles or Banane Metallik. I also enjoy bands who have their own sounds and is doing something unique weather that’s a hardcore approach or neo rockabilly as long as there bring something new to the song writing, The Psychobilly bands I don’t like are the ones looking to someone else copying someone else’s sound like for example there a million bands that have copied demented are go and there already is a Demented Are Go doing what they do to do like a version of that is not something id listen to.

BBM: Have you been to any sites in San Antonio?
Nick 13: Its cool I actually got to check out the Alamo today for the first time. We’ve played in san Antonio a few times its are 4th time I’ve wanted to see it every time where here.

BBM: Have you ever been to
Nick 13: Yes I have

BBM: What do you think of it?
Nick 13: Well you know I mean some of its kinda funny I guess but it does strike me as pathetic someone has that much time are there hands. Basically anyone that is that worried about me or my band or what im doing is kind of a loser. If they took that energy and put it into their own life they’d probably be in a better place. I feel sorry for the person more than anything else.

BBM: Tiger Army has some great covers like the misfits for example. Any plans for new covers?
Nick 13: That’s kinda hard to say we don’t do a lot of covers but every once in a while there’s a song you think you can bring something to but there is one I’m thinking of doing one for the next record but its kinda of a secret I have to see how it sounds and see if it works or not.

BBM: What Do you enjoy doing in your off time?
Nick 13: That’s a good question I haven’t had a lot of off time in the last couple of years. Its like tour come home a few days tour record. A lot of the stuff I’m into relates to music anyway. Like record shopping or checking out guitars I like to get tattooed when I can. I spend a lot of time chilling out I don’t go out a lot I like to relax at home and watch movies stuff like that. What’s coming out for the band in the future?
Nick 13: We have a  few things where talking about right nothing is definite but the main thing after the dark romance tour where going to take some time off the road and work on new material I hope to be in studio this year and work on a new alum.

BBM: Is this a permanent line up? You have had a few changes over the years how do you feel about that? What mind set are you in with the changes and how long the band will last?
Nick 13: I don’t think anything in life is permanent but I love playing with Geoff and James and where having a good time in the band I think as long as we all feel that way there’s no any reason to see an end in sight. That’s hard to say the really thing is I think Tiger Army can last as long as it’s something I’m enjoying you know if you have something to contribute to it if I ever reach the point where I don’t want to do it that’s going to be the end I’ve seen enough situation’s with the band I’ve learned to never say never. The lineup that the line up a lot of people knew Geoff and Fred there where a lot of members that the band had before that and a lot of people would have said the band was over when the lineup hanged but the face is with Geoff and James I think we sound the best we ever have. I couldn’t be more excited about making our next record. I don’t think it ever has to end I do like this line up and I hope it’s the line up for a while. But you can never tell with people everyone is having a good time right now but one thing I’ve learned that no one will ever care about Tiger army as much as I do and I’ve been doing it almost 10 years. I couldn’t be happy with where the music is and that’s the important thing.

BBM: on a side note the only thing I hope in the future is to sit down with him once again and discuss his sold project and the future of tiger army.


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