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Scarlet Fury of the Satan’s Cheerleaders

Scarlet Fury of the Satan’s Cheerleaders these stunning ladies perform live during The Flametrick Subs Performance and they are very entertaining. I had the please to interview scarlet fury.

How many girls are in the SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS and how do you go about picking new member?
Right now, there are seven active SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS. In early 2004, three new members (Doc, Scarlett, and Sindee) were chosen after a rigorous application and audition process. Applicants had to demonstrate commitment, dance ability, and evilness. In the past, the selection process was a less formal.
If you did not become a performer what do you think you would be doing right now?
Why, we would all be missionaries and Sunday school teachers, of course!

How did y’all come up with the name SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS?
The group started out with Trixi Stix and Lucky Dukes, who were two post-graduate cheerleaders without a gig when Buster Crash recruited them to dance for his band. As Trixi puts it: “If you want to be a ‘bad girl’ onstage and you want to be a cheerleader, what better than SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS?”

Since the name have you ever had problems with Christens or Catholics?
I don’t think we get trouble per se from religious types, because they know what kind of trouble we’d give them in return! But they do write us occasionally to express their concern for our mortal souls and offer us a path to salvation. Converting a SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS probably gets someone an extra-comfy seat in Heaven — too bad it’s not going to happen. It’s comical more than it’s bothersome.

What is the most outrageous thing that some one wanted to book the girls to do?
The strangest was probably a bachelor party a few years ago, which is generally not something we would do, but this was a special case. The groom had a fantasy about pajama-clad girls pillow fighting, so the CHEERLEADERS showed up in their pajamas and hijacked the party, pillow fighting each other and attacking the groom. By all accounts it was a memorable evening!

Best performance ever?
Best performance ever … it’s hard to narrow it down. For me personally, it would have been the Devil’s Backbone benefit we held a year ago. Trixi Stix was injured in a car wreck some time ago, so we put together a huge benefit for her with go-go dancers, bands, an auction, and more. It was amazing to perform before a group of people who were all there to support us and to help Trixi. The energy was incredible.

What are the plans for the future of the SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS?
First and foremost, we will continue to perform with the FLAMETRICK SUBS. Dancing with the band is the (evil) heart and (black) soul of what we do. We will be filming for a live-show DVD. But we’re also branching out more, doing things like go-go dance performances with local DJs and guest appearances at other events. Hopefully we will be able to produce our own burlesque/variety show in the near future, especially since the Devil’s Backbone was such a success. A local artist is currently working on a SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS graphic novel, and we are always expanding our line of signature merchandise. As for the distant future . . . movies? Tell-all books? Lucrative endorsement deals? Who knows!

What the funniest touring moment?
The funniest touring moment award probably goes to Trixi and Vixin, who had stopped at a gas station on their way to a road show. A smarmy guy spotted them there, followed them onto the highway and proceeded to drive very erratically as he tailed them. Trixi noticed that he was driving with his knees, and then realized that he was using his hands to jerk off! Yuck. We use toy guns as a prop onstage, and Trixi remembered that. She had Vixin roll down the window and drove right next to the guy while getting a toy gun from her prop bag. Then she flashed her steel at him and he almost ran off the road! He certainly didn’t bother them again. It just goes to show, don’t fuck with the SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS!
Any Last words, shout outs,etc.?
Shout outs? As always, love to our friends, our fans, our man servants and our pets!

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