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The Flametrick Subs

If Dr. Seuss went crazy and started a band it would be named, THE FLAMETRICK SUBS. The sound of this band is very original and entertaining. The singer uses a unique style of singing, and it’s like hearing someone tell you a story. When you see this band live it’s an extra treat because THE SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS perform on stage while THE FLAMETRICK SUBS play. And for the record, anyone who says that they can’t do something because of a disability should meet Lefty, the upright bass player for the band. He is missing one of his hands and is one of the best bass players I have ever heard. I got a chance to sit down with THE FLAMETRICK SUBS and THE SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS to discuss the past and future of the band.

Tell me you’re name and what you do for the band?
Lefty: Upright bass
Buster Crash: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Ms. Fortune: Drums
Clem: Lead Guitar, Back up Vocals

A little history on the band?
BC: THE FLAMETRICK SUBS began in 1989 in Waco, Texas of all places. I met Clem Hoot, who was playing in a street corner style band called THE VIKINGS FROM EARTH, which was made up of Clem and his friend Paul Jaakman, a phenomenal singer/songwriter/performer from Norway. THE VIKINGS were doing songs ranging from JOHNNY CASH standards to SONICS tunes. Very raw, but very authentic and rockin’ as hell! I was just ending up a quick stint playing guitar for a BUTTHOLE SURFERS style band called LUCKY PIERRE. When Paul had to leave to go back to Norway, Clem and I got together to discuss the idea of forming an edgy rockabilly-style band, but agreed to let all of our influences still be heard in the music we played. I sat down and wrote fifteen songs and we recruited some drums and bass to round out the band. Approximately ten drummers, and countless bass players later we ended up with our current line-up. I’m very pleased with our latest drummer Miss Fortune, and our newest bassist. Lefty DeMarco is simply the best bass player the band has ever played with- and he does it all with just one hand!

The style of singing is very unique almost like story telling how did you come up with this style?
BC: My vocal style is loosely based on many other vocalists’ schtick of storytelling. Folks like JOHNNY CASH, JOHNNY HORTON, SHEL SILVERSTEIN, MICHELLE SHOCKED, TOM WAITS, and many others have all been down that road long before me. While I still enjoy the ol’ verse-chorus-verse-chorus format, I’ve always been endeared to songs that tell a story from start to finish. To me, the idea of fitting narrative into a song format has a very tangible appeal. It makes the song and the story being told a little bit more memorable. Oh yeah, it also helps if things rhyme.

How is touring Texas different then touring other parts of the world?
MF: It’s bigger and takes longer to get out of. (laughs)

Favorite place to tour?
BC: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Tucson
The band has been around for a long time. How is the psycho scene now, compared to when the band first started?
BC: There is a lot more now compared to ten years ago. A lot more kids are doing it and getting into it, which is cool. It seems that Europe and
the United States are coming together as far as sound goes
What are some of the bigger bands THE FLAMETRICK SUBS have played with?

What are some of the bands influences?
BC: I like the old school bands because I’m fond of the originals.

How did you go about finding the new members?
BC: At first it was people who were available to do it got the job, but then we started to change from just a fun thing to do to a full time thing. It’s been hard to find drummers and bass players we’ve always been lucky to find the people we’ve had. The line up we have now is solid.

Is this a permanent line up?
BC: We would like to think so, but you never know.
Lefty: It is, it is.
Clem: were not looking to leave any time soon

Funniest touring moment?
BC: It wasn’t funny at the time, but at a show in San Jose several fans became quite offended by the song “Tijuana Cat Toss”, accusing me of being a racist, and of degrading the great country of Mexico. Through very careful and delicate negotiations, I explained that the song was really more of a social commentary on the sick state of affairs in the U.S., and how I really admired the ingenuity of those who lived in the Mexican border towns, and the brilliant capitalistic minds which sought to provide the type of perverted entertainment denied to Americans in the United States of W. In the end, we all became friends long enough to get the hell outta San Jose with all of our teeth. Viva Mexico!

Three Words, that describes the band?
Lefty: Movie sound track.
MF: Ouch quit it!
BC: Louder, Faster, Creepy.

What’s coming up for the band in the future?
BC: Got a new album out in the next few months called, Voodoo and were going to shoot a live DVD in Austin.

How did you meet the SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS?
I was on a really quick trip down to hell to talk to Lyndon Johnson, when I heard what sounded like a pep rally going on. As I approached the noise, my eyes beheld the Satanic gyrations of the most voluptuous vixens in the entire underworld. After some negotiations, exclusivity contracts were signed in blood, and the SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS accompanied the band back to the realm of the living, where they now perform with us regularly. It’ll probably earn us some time in heaven, but it’ll be worth it.

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