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Walls of Jericho

Walls of Jericho is an American Metalcore band fronted by Candice a beautiful singer who smooth vocals who has more balls on the mike then most guys. She is a very talented singer with a great head on here shoulders I also heard she had a child not to long ago. Congratulation’s and I hope to sit down with you again in the future. Met with her before a show and here is what she said.

BBM: What’s your name and what do you do for the band?
I’m Candice and I’m the singer of Walls of Jericho.

BBM: for a little history how did you choose the name and when did the band form?
Candice: Mike and Aaron formed this band and picked the name. A couple of different reasons when you think to the bible It was back in 98. I got in the band because they were looking for a singer and a bunch of people tried out.

BBM: You’re the first Metalcore singer that I’ve seen. What made you want to sing?
Candice: Pretty much because I was in the scene you know what I’m saying I was a girl but its just like any other reason anyone would want to sing. I was passionate I was there and I have any other feelings people of hard rock have I was attracted to it you know I feel the same way about certain issues at that point in my life. I would sing I would dance I wanted to do this because I believe in hardcore music I believe in the message I was a girl that wasn’t held back by the full coat rack type thing. I just got in there and did my thing just like any other girl could do. Obviously there was a  lot of people would question it I was a girl what are you doing thought I would leave the band right away. I even had a girl who would run a magazine tell me now that she honestly told me now that she would never interview me before cause she thought I wouldn’t stick around. That’s funny you know 9 years later still hanging out doing my thing.

BBM: Now a days more female fronted bands are coming out for example blood line calligraphy? Do you feel you paved the way for some sings of today?
Candice: I’m not in any way going to take any credit for that you know what I’m saying. I give kudos to any girl to stand up and do it it’s a hard thing to do. To me its ridiculous to have to say its hard for a girl to do it shouldn’t even be an issue but it is. I give them credit no matter what if they want to say that  or about any other person  or about me then that’s awesome and I would totally appreciate something like that or being a part of that but im not going to take credit for that

BBM: Tell me how you came up with cover art for all hail the dead?
Candice; That’s was my idea we had already wrote the lyrics we game it to a guy kind of just gave him this is what where writing about do something you know. We were in Europe usually Aaron does all the cover art but he had no time to do it because he wasn’t even with us he had to much going up and we moved to someone who had the time. It speaks for itself
BBM: I noticed from all hail the dead and the previous album. All Hail the dead had a harder feel to it. More passionate lyrics things about the scene A little more mature.
Candice: I was 18 for the first album and 24 for All hail the deal that’s a lot of life lived but I wanted it to be more straight in your face this is what I got you know not even being poetic.  Not like the first album was darker you have to read into it or put your own emotions to get out of it this one I was just like here is who I am deal with it
BBM: Funniest touring moment
Candice: Oh my god I don’t even know what do you do that. I don’t even have anything prepared I’m note even sure. There have been so many absolutely ridiculous things can I get back to you later? I’m going to have to go discuss.

BBM:  Favorite place to tour?
Candice: I like Puerto Rico we went to Puerto Rico for 3 days. It was amazing the kids have so much energy because not a lot of people go through there. There not bombarded by hardcore or bands they have appreciation for the scene and the music it was my birthday and the crowd sang have birthday to me and we got to stay at a resort with this girl so we were all in the ocean. It was so beautiful

BBM: How’s touring Texas different from touring other places?
Candice: Honestly I don’t know how much different it really is we haven’t seen most of it it just kind of goes we show up there’s no one to drive you around to show you the place. This show the last time we were in san Antonio was amazing it was tons of fun so that’s kind of what we do not by states more by things you remember. We remember last time we were here the kids made a sing an extra time it was intense so much fun.

BBM: You have really great lyrics on writers block and how do you get past it?
Candice: We just got off of a two year  break for about 3 months I did not know what to write about. I was like I don’t even know and at that point in my life I was going through emotional things going through relationship stuff growing learning things about friends in the situations at that point you have to make changes I was like Im going to sit down and be pissed for a while. When I was in any type of situation where I was pissed or upset I would sit down and write.

BBM: Was it hard to get the gears turning once Walls of Jericho got back together?
Candice: A little not to bad because it was a little different because we had a new drummer and everyone was so excited to get back into it.

BBM: How did you find the new drummer?
Candice: We known him for years and when we first got broken up and when he first got back to Germany he called us that he was moving back to the us and if we were doing anything it was funny me and Chris wanted to do a band like a new band. I wasn’t going to do a hardcore band without walls of Jericho I didn’t want to do a new band with new people so we got back together.

BBM: What do some of some words of wisdom you would give someone want to join a band?
Candice: Idk pretty but not matter what it comes down to whether you a band who does your things or gets big its all about getting you head on straight. Like honestly the people most important in my life are the ones I can count on and trust you know no matter what keep a level head and know where they are. Keep decent people around you never get that rock star thing no matter what I don’t give a shit no matter what if you are not a decent person I want nothing to do with you. You know what I’m saying that’s one of the most important things people have to learn in life all you got is you and how you are to people.

BBM: That’s the best response ive ever heard to that question so far.
Whats coming up in the future?
Candice: In the middle of working on a new cd a full length got 6 so far and when we get home cram. We do another to in oct hitting Canada for a week and a half and then we are home for a while writing and recording.

Any Last words?
Shout out to all the amazing people I’ve met on this tour. How about that?

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