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Chingo Bling

BBM: Tell me about your new mix tape album?

BBM : It a two disk album for the first album I chose They all want him but who can afford him. The art work reflects that Im thinking and you can see the Mtv microphone and all these contracts. If you look close you can see that I signed one of them. The 2nd album is called America’s Favorite Wetback cause I just felt it was a catchy slogan.

BBM: Tell me about the your new deal with Asylum Records?

Chingo Bling: With this deal I signed I was very patient. I waited about two years. I met with Puffy [P. Diddy] various times, Capital records, Universal Records, and Atlantic Records. The key thing was being patient. I got the deal I wanted from Asylum, its strictly a distribution deal. In the independent rap Scene a lot of times they turn their backs when you go Major, but I designed it to where Im still independent. I just want to make sure that the fans know that Im still truly independent.

Chuck: For our readers who dont know tell us about Cleto?

BBM: Cleto is Americas favorite cock, he is my prized rooster, my pet. Hes a personality. We take him to the car shows and when we play the song, Walk like Cleto and he flaps his wings. I put him in the videos and the kids love him. Hes like my mascot .
BBM: So you’re the Tamale King Pin?

Chingo Bling: It all started with my parents. In my family I got cousins who still slang tamales. I chose that as a forefront for me. You know how artist choose what they want to bring from their life? Chats one thing that I brought because it has the hustling thing that rap music is about. The reason I like it is because its so funny and theirs a little bit of a message behind it. Where people can hopefully say, You know what? I don’t have to sell drugs to get my hustle on. I can still make money and get that same rush like, yo, yo, I just got 5 grand to do something I love.

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More of the interview to come tomorrow its been a long day and I’m out!


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