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Rob G

This Universal Records Artist is living the good life now but things haven’t always that easy for him escaping death in a drug deal gone errors that they had witnessed his father at the age of 12 to the artist’s life has exception skill on the Microphone. At the Time I had no idea who this rapper was we I was interviewing Chingo Bling and we me by change but I soon after knew who he was. This H town rapper is true to himself and holds it down for Texas. Heres what we talked about 
What’s your name ?
My names Rob G The voice of the people the voice of the street. The next Latin legend. I’m an ex con baby.

BBM: Give me a little history what have you done over the years?
ROB G: Ok cool the first time I was really exposed nationally was on MTV battle Rock-a-fella. I made it to a battle where they had the top 8 people in the country it was on MTVv and all that. I started focusing on making records and got signed to Latin Powerhouse label done in a Houston with a distribution deal through Universal records. You know I’ve been grinding putting out the mix tapes came out on the movie All you got.  After that I signed with universal now I’m running with the big boys focusing on a new album and all that.

BBM: Tell me about your new album what’s it going to be called?
ROB G: First of all I got a mix tape in stores now called The Rob G. campaign in all the stores around Texas. My new album is going to be called my life my thoughts my music. I represent Texas to the fullest. I’m a real rapper I talk about what I’ve seen what I do what I’ve been through and I think that’s what people like.  Ima be rocking with people like Plain Skills, Chamillionair just to name a few a lot of H town cats and I got some surprise for yall so definitely look out for that its on a major label.

BBM: What’s your favorite place to your?
ROB G:Really man I like getting outside of Houston pretty much is a new experience and a chance to get people to hear me as long as you give me a mic you can put me in Africa Ill be ready to rock.

BBM: How did you go about getting signed to Universal Records?

ROB G: It’s a blessing really man and anything I could say to any one handle your business and don’t wait on anyone I had to get there and build up a lot of exposure on my own. I basically built up a buzz for myself before I got signed its really a timing thing. When you really make some noise they give it to you. Me and myself you can follow what everyone else is doing or you can stand to the left and do your own thing. That’s what I was taught to do and that’s what got me exposed and signed to a major label.
BBM: Tell me about some of your influences?
ROB G: Well I never really looked up to rappers out there  I was always inspired at their skill to do better like Jay Z, SPM but my really inspiration comes from real life people like my mama people that came to do this country with nothing and made  something of them self. It means that if you believe in something you have dreams and achieve it.

BBM: So you been in the rap game for a long time?
ROB G: Yeah I’ve been in the Rap game for 5 years seriously for the last 2 years

BBM: So tell me about the scene how its changed from when you first started to now?
ROB G:Whats changed the most obviously Latin rappers weren’t that big a couple years ago you know what I’m saying and now they’re everywhere. That’s the biggest change but I think there’s a lack of real out there I’ll just be real with you. You know what I’m saying I think people are so caught up in the commotion side of things and becoming rap not Hip Hope. I think I can bring it back to what it used to be.
BBM: What are some of the positive and negative things about being in the Rap Game?
ROB G:Positive thing is definitely it’s a dream this is something that you don’t see no money from people that do a lot of stuff good and bad just to try and be successful and make it. The good thing is you know this is a dream come true for everybody that wants to do something that they love to do Just the fact that your accepted and loved by people and can make a living with your words and music that’s a beautiful thing. But there’s a lot of frustration and patients you know stuff like that basically what it takes to make it in the game.

BBM: How did you get yourself exposed?
ROB G: Just like I said just doing me.  A lot of people are doing the same thing in H town and I just decided to step to the side. Still keep it real for Texas and still be me don’t rap about stuff I don’t want to rap about.

BBM:Any last words and thing you want to add on?
Rob G: Yeah man the voice of the people the voice of the street. If you like real you’re going to like me you know hold down the brown till the day I D I E. You can hear me on the streets look out for me. You can find me at www.Rob to the

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