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Bury Your Dead

This was gem of an interview I found while listening to some of my tapes. The only things if it does seem incomplete the beginning was cut off due to flogging molly interview going longer then  I thought but not to many questions from what I can tell. Anyways back to the band even though they say there a boring band you would not guess it from there stage presence. It was an awesome show with great energy and the kids sure love it. I sat down with the guys and here’s what they said.

BBM: Tell me about the new album
Bury Your Dead: It’s brutal and we worked hard on it. It’s a  very  good record it has everything

BBM: How are fans embracing the new album?
Bury Your Dead: We don’t really know yet not a lot of people had heard.

BBM: Oh id doesn’t come out for a month sorry.
Bury Your Dead: I’m sure thell love it but the people who have heard it are pumped
Have you heard it? 
BBM: Yeah it’s a great album
Bury Your Dead: Awesome we worked hard all you can do is hope people dig it and we dig it and that’s the main thing that matters.

BBM: Funniest touring moment?
Bury Your Dead: We are a boring band ima be honest with you. Where very quiet laid back dudes that just hang out.
This tour or in general?

BBM: In general
Bury Your Dead: Yesterday are trailer axel broke and stuff like that band problems you know. As far as funny stuff.

BBM: Most memorable touring moment?
Bury Your Dead: When we were starting out we were on a tour and it was just awesome. We were all kinda starting out working are asses off. Amazing friends we were in the middle of nowhere at a pizza shop it was pretty crazy the howl crowd was completely drunk. A crazy show insane crowd ever after the show we stayed at a guy’s houses he supposedly rents out and he said someone was moving in tomorrow so it would be fine. We did that it was the most sketchy place ever there was a child’s shoe on the ground creepy pain and we were like this guy was gonna come back and kill us. All these weird events happened that night one girl was doing weird stuff in the crowd I played in my under wear that night it was very weird night. It was 4 years ago maybe.

BBM: Any side projects?
Bury Your Dead: Yeah I have a solo project
BBM: Are you going to tour?
Bury Your Dead: No it’s just something I didn’t plan. Something I could never do with bury your dead.

BBM: Been to any sites in san Antonio?
Bury Your Dead: Never been to the Alamo always wanted to. Its hard do anything when you tour you play so many shows this tour we’ve been on the road for 5 weeks.

BBM: How did yall get signed to Victory Records?
Bury Your Dead: Our first cd is on life force and we were touring and they showed an interest. To be on a label that’s so diverse is what we wanted. We figured if we got on a label that was strictly metal we would just kinda blend in. To be included in something different Victory records is really good about giving control everything is up to us.

BBM: Are they treating you right?
Bury Your Dead: Really good with the new record they have been so supportive I guess they trust us. It’s great it’s cool to listen to different bands that supports what we do. We try to hit up the different crowds as far as metal people I think is cool we want to get out there.

BBM: Any plans for the future?
Bury Your Dead: Touring nonstop we took a lot of time to write the record and it’s time to tour.

BBM: Three words that describe the band?
Bury Your Dead: Brutal, Inspiration and memorable

BBM: How is touring Texas different then touring other places?
Bury Your Dead: I like the highways you see something and you don’t have to get off . So that’s cool

BBM: Do you prefer hardcore dancing or two stepin?
Bury Your Dead: Uh I used to hardcore dance when I was younger man yeah I don’t do it anymore I get beat up in that shit

BBM: Any last words anything you want to add on?
Bury Your Dead: Check out our cd and thanks to anyone who digs are music.

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