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Ill Nino

I was 14 when I first saw Ill Nino and it blew my mind and have been a loyal fan ever since. There blend of Latin Culture and Metal is a beautiful mix in the end. I love the fact that they true to the sound with every album but still keeping focus on their roots. I have seen them so many times over the years and love there stage presence and feel. Towards the end of a show you see how worn out Cristian Machado. He gives the fans his soul on stage and his all and I’ve always loved that fact and respect him. Even though I am a big fan of underground Hip Hop and Psychobilly but this is my favorite band. Revolucion was an album that changed my life and if you’ve never heard it I highly recommend it. When I first interviewed them I was so nervous but you couldn’t tell and it was a pleasure to sit down with Cristian Machado and I hope to get the opportunity again in the future.
BBM: How do you feel about the new album?

Cristian Machado: The new record is the best we’ve had so far. Everything we’ve always wanted to do perhaps what we couldn’t do on our last label. It definitely is the most aggressive intricate are most musical record.

BBM: What made you want to make the album more aggressive?
Cristian Machado: We come a very strong metal hardcore background you know coming up and listening to bands we heard a lot of punk rock and metal. We are very open minded and listen to all sorts of stuff in the band and on this record we wanted to push our limits you know on everything we’ve been influenced by weather its Latin percussion or some guitar parts or just straight strong heavy riffin so we just wanted to push the envelope on every single aspect that’s makes Ill Nino

BBM: Tell me about the cover art is there a story behind this?
Cristian Machado: The story behind the cover is a youth in Latin America or a youth in whatever culture you may be kind of paying respect to the loss of a loved one from an urban type situation because of really messed up screwed up  city where society and the community in general are in chaos crime and all sorts of crazy stuff. The crime represents the youth of the world and the way growing up in the world and letting our kids grow up in these type of situations. In a world where people constantly hate each other because of race or politics or whatever it may be. It pays respect to the loss of a loved one living in a fucked up society.

BBM: What are some of the positive and negative things about this record
Cristian Machado: The positive thing is we got to do whatever the hell we wanted basically you know we were everywhere and he let us open are self’s up to our inner music demons I guess if you will. We told each individual member to outdo them self’s from the riffs to the beats to the percussion they lyrics and melodies to heaviness. That was one of the more positive things we picked the producer the studio and the engineer we wanted to work with. It was really controller by us and that’s why it came out so amazing
The negative thing that went into taking the record was always the fear of wow we are so in control of it and what if it doesn’t come out the way we want it to. What if we fuck up and screw up that was the only negative thing the enter time it was feeling responsible for making the best record we could.
BBM: Yall have some great lyrics do you ever get writers block?
Cristian Machado: Sure I’ve gotten writers block sometimes the best thing to do is take some time to go to the beach and clear your mind do something watch a movie. Do something that takes your mind away from constantly having to create do something as simple as washing dishes to walking around block. Sometimes it may last a while you may be sitting around a whole week saying what the help am I going to write what the hell am I going to write. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to go away the most important thing is never lose your focus never thing you’re not creative and go crazy in your mind.  Sometimes throws you some  cards that are ruff to deal with and it has an effect  on your personality and creativity get passed it by doing stuff people take for granted. Just talking to someone that’s a good friend can always be a big help.

BBM: What are some words of wisdom you could give to someone wanting to be in a band?
Cristian Machado: I would give the same words of wisdom every time bands ask me this. Definitely make the right decisions on what members you have in the band make sure the right members are in your band. Make sure your on the same level lyrically with the vision of the band the sound and theatrically. Write really good songs that true to your heart. Make sure every band members says yes this song is great at the end of the day. A couple are saying its not my favorite song work on it. Really focused creatively on the same level and the rest write music that is strong to your heart and you feel good about. That’s the best advice I could give any one.
BBM: Funniest touring moment?
Cristian Machado: One time we had a sound guy that was taking these pills and they were going to make him go the bath room easier kind of like laxatives.  He was driving the RV one day and sure enough he took his laxatives that day. He was probably wasted drink a case or two of beet that day. He went to go far and sure enough he shit his pants the bus smelled like shit from the front all the way to the back. We went to pull the bus over in the middle of nowhere Utah or something like that and he got out we were watching him by a little grass strip and he was taking his pants off and trying to clean the shit off his pants and this and that but the ironic thing is he took his shitty pants and threw them back in the bay so every time you open that bay you smell his shit that was wrong.

BBM: How did you come up with the band name?
Cristian Machado: The name was given to us by the singer of (can’t make out what he said) he’s a really good friend of ours. He called my house one day it was the Bass player he wasn’t in the band at the time. We were really good friends and he was a mutual friend as well as us where friends we known them and he called and said I have a name for band for Dave’s band and said those guys are all Spanish those should call themselves Ill Nino and ever since that day the name stuck. We thank him very much for having named the band.

BBM: Most Memorable touring moment?
Cristian Machado: I would have to say as of recently playing with anthrax with Puerto Rico and singing along the side of the stage I mean every song they where playing all the hits stay of euphoria that day is going to stick in my head a while I was a huge fan younger and to have played a show with them. To see them with the original line up made me feel like I was 15 years old again.

BBM: Whats coming up in the future?
Cristian Machado: Where going to support disturb it’s a good match up and basically do a two work small venue head lining thing. Go to Europe and thinking about bringing static x with us.

BBM: What are the differences from touring the us to others places in the world?
Cristian Machado: In the us the kids have a choice of what bands to see every weekend or any national act you want to see. With Europe there a little more restricted you have to fly out there.  There’s an ocean that separates us I would say the only difference you have a choice if you really want to g o every weekend. In south America or japan and Australia the fans really have to wait for the bands we have yet to go to Australia and you get constant bands saying you have a huge fan base and have to come to Australia but obviously it’s a 24 hour plain flight the people in America have got to experience Ill Nino many times. Also there a little livelier just because most places you go to 3rdworld countries haven’t seen a live act before.

BBM: What’s your favorite place to tour?
Cristian Machado: I love El Paso because Juarez is right across the border I love Amsterdam by favorite as whole was japan because the culture shock and how polite they were yet there such a dominant county and have so much to do with world affairs and technology and economics and there such a humble people . Still maintain power.
BBM: See any sites in Texas?
Cristian Machado: we’ve been a round Texas a bunch of times but I’ve been to the river walk once we got to see the stree where JFK was shot in Dallas usually on tour there’s not a lot of time that you have to spare your shown to avenue sound check mic check do an interview play the show and you just want to relax after we usually visit Dave’s family in Dallas that’s where we take out time.

BBM: Any Last words?
Cristian Machado Check out our site Ill Just hold up San Antonio Media and support us.

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