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I voted 4 Kodos a great skanking time

I voted for Kodos was one of the most fun and lively guys I had met. The bands is my favorite ska band and the shows have so much energy with all the skanking and sing a longs and super addictive tunes. All there albums are still great and it’s a shame they broke up. I was able to see them multiple times so I’m thankful for that. The last time was at Sam’s Burger Joint and I also got to interview them it was a blast sitting down with them. I really hope they get back together or at least a reunion tour would be sweeeeeet and the men them self’s.

Rick: Before we start this interview Tyler needs to drop a duke but I voted for Kodos is a really great band.

BBM: First questions what’s your name and what do you do in the band?
I’m tyler Guitar
I’m shames and I’m the merch guy
Rick: He’s the bass player
I’m troy I play drums and carry the band on my back
Rick: He also listens’ to his mp3 play a lot
Its an IPod
My names rick I sing I play trombone and I play with my own penis.

BBM: Through out the years there have been many new members. How do you go about choosing new members?

Rick: we go by looks we find really hot dudes. Pretty much we keep auditions guys till we go that guys really cute. Somehow we couldn’t find a drummer so we ended up with Troy ohhhh!

Band: oooooohhhhhh

Rick: We found troy just by hanging out fliers because we know musicians and I knew troy just look for the best you know. Then you find tyler who sounds really good and has boobs on his arm.

BBM: He does have boobs. How do you feel about the line up right now do you think its going to be permanent?

I IV4k: hope so I like this line up a lot well our permanent bass player isn’t on tour right now shamus is a friend of Troy’s from back in the day and he’s filling in our bass players Ross is in his last semester of college he’s going to tour this summer then
BBM: I talk to a lot of fans and a lot of them pronounce the name Kudos how do you feel about that?
IV4k:  Its annoying when people miss pronounce it its more annoying when the miss spell it. Miss pronouncing is one thing but going to a venue and its miss spelled on a marquee is another. Its spelled Kudos more often then worst is we went to music fest and they miss spelled it and our music is on the site.

SBJ intercom: Javier your order is ready Javier

IV4k: (guys looks around and says) Javier your order is ready Javier

BBM: How do you like touring?
IV4k: I want a guacamole burger
Rick: Touring is awesome when you go to Sams to get a guacamole burger
IV4k: its butt kicking it’s a lot of fund we play in a different city and people every night and more people know who we are every night it’s fun to play live music every night and we play songs we wrote and we rock n roll. It’s just great doing it every day I hate not touring. Its like we went 9 days with out touring I’m gonna go insane and once the days over your always ready for me. Its all happening  and where its at

BBM: I’m sure there’s a lot of funny tour moments care to share any stories?
IV4k:  New years eve 2003 its about to be 2004 where in Kentucky but oddly enough the show got done at 11:30 we got in our van and are following a girl to her house. We were staying at a fans house we do that a lot. We were in the van when midnight struck and got to her home at 12:30. So I said let’s celebrate New year’s Wisconsin time at 1 so we did new years and drank sparkling apple cider and it was low key we went to bed and we started us some laundry. The girl’s parents came home at 3 AM and she had not asked them if it was okay  if a band could sleep over at there house. The moms a little tipsy and starts screaming at her daughter about not asking the daughters yelling at her back. Calling her every name in the book Dumb cunt slut and like the fighting calms down. The mom says ok fine they can stay but they have to leave once morning comes. We are all pretending to sleep and are thinking thank god the daughters wants round 2 and starts banding on the moms door. She starts calling her mom a cunt and tell her to die and like finally I’m calling the cops . we where like omg we gotta get outta here so lee grabs his wet cloths out of the washer and we run out of the house and jump in my van. We start  driving and we realize are fill in bass player Adam had forgotten his pants. So we had to go back call the girl on her cell phone and tell her meet us with our pants. Then we drove to Road Island and slept in the van.

Rick: We slept there last night its awesome. We sometimes sleep in our van if we don’t have a place to sleep. We all cuddle up

IV4k:  It smells like 10 balls in there and we all cuddle under a blanket.

BBM: What’s your favorite place to tour?
Texas is pretty fun I love Texas. It kicks ass

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