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Bang Sugar Bang

BBM: what do you do for the band? 
I play bass I sing and I also Baby Sit for Band Sugar Bang

Im matt and I play guitar and sing

BBM: Give me a little history on the band. How did you form and come up with the band name?
Cooper: we formed 4 years ago basically it was a bet between me and Matt I wanted to be in a band but I didn’t play any instrument and I asked Matt he basically told me to fuck off and one night we were at a bar and David Bowie came on. He’s like if you can play this bass line and ill be in a band with you. I practiced every night for a week and one night he came in the door and I said look what I can do. Do dodo dodo do and he said Fuck I’m in a band.
Matt: She met me at the door with some buddies and we were kind of drunk and where like shh coopers probably a sleep were going to sneak in I turn the key and door flys open and she standing in the door with a bass. She doesn’t say hello or anything just starts playing my jaw dropped and I turned to by buddy Rob and said shit Im in a band.
Cooper: No one wanted to drum for us because ive never played before one day a guy showed up was like I play drums. Great you want to play the drums. Ok he also had a big truck and he said what are you up to lately and I said waiting for a drummer to come over and practice and he was like Ill play the drums. I asked if he can keep a beat he stamped his feet four times and I said good enough you in. we got the name cause I was really drunk one night in front of the computer and we had a hard time thinking of a name and thinking what makes a good band name. I always like love sick love crab shoot crab and we got it and people seemed to like it.
Matt: The old name was really dumb Leather David and the angry house wife’s (laughs)

BBM: I’m  going to steal that
Matt: have at it dude I was also in a band called leather David all sausage orchestra.
Cooper: You can have that one too

BBM: Any embarrassing touring moments?
Cooper: It’s easier to say when its not there’s billions of them one of my best friends we were in a club in LA and we take a party bus out there a couple times a year 5 bands go to Vegas play and drink a lot. We get to the club drink all night go on at midnight its Sunday night our last song matt decides to go under a diatribe. He’s screaming THERES A TERRORIST BEHIND EVERY BUSH and I starting repeated and a kid wearing a Chicago bears shirt my and best friends argue about it all the time so I hassle this guy and I kept yelling and yelling I forgot we were doing a song . I kicked matt it was like 7 minutes everyone was like idiot and My family from Vegas came to see us they never came back.
Matt: I single handedly played the worst of music in my entire life. And it’s on video
Cooper: Don’t forget the time Matt ran off stage and some guys running after him to tell him he’s awesome and then Matt pukes on him. This guy and that was fucked.
Matt: My most embarrassing moment was I was unpacking the gear and I get over heated and I smoke a lot so that don’t help I’m going to quit eventually I start pukeing I leave my gear and run across the stage towards the bathroom and this guy big smile sticks out his hand and said yeah man I dig your band and I got PUKE all over him (makes puke noises). I couldn’t even stop to say oh shit I’m sorry I gave him a bands shirt I went everywhere to give him a shirt I was so sorry.

BBM: What are some of the positive and negative things about being a female singer? 
Cooper: you know I get that question a lot its interesting in LA most of the bands are female fronted or have female members and on tour its not that way you find one girl that has a band I don’t understand it I think girls should rock. I guess in LA I never have that problem its normal. I’ve had a couple time when these little emo kids more like emo had to be 17 I thought this was supposed to be a fucking punk rock show there’s a girl in the band. I said come here you little guys get in here Ill show you how to rock. Florida is the only place I run into it a problem most of the time there like right on rock it. My advice is don’t suck you don’t have to be a good player you have to believe in yourself and people will respond  to that what’s real. That’s my advice
Matt: The addicts where ripping us oh there’s a girl on our bus  we are going to have to behave she has a lot of guy in her she goes to football with us. She very fem. But at the same time she was raised by an army dad
Cooper: If you get up there and you mean it people are going to respond to that.
Matt: The best way to get anything done is tell cooper it can’t be done she’s a one women army. We needed a website so she went and bought a book and made it and now get paid for it.  We didn’t have a cool place to play we made our own place. No one was interested in us at first because where horrible made our own label but you cant tell her no. We are now on SOS records its like cool to be on stage with someone you admire. If you admire some one that much its one of the coolest things in the world. Every other band I’ve been in I hate them all. I look across the stage and see her rocking I had a bad record deal and was in a lot of bands and didn’t want to play anymore when she came. There’s no one having more fun in the building then her and its rubs off. Our drummer is like a Muppet back there you know he having fun to I guess at least he’s not drooling on him self .

BBM: Three words that describe the band
Cooper: Lots of beer
BBM: I never heard a better one
I cant beat that it’s a theme

BBM: How many beers you think you drink a night?
Cooper: Not as much on this tour which is weird because of the schedule. It depends on that in LA it’s a lot I don’t even want to tell you you got a fish tank.
Matt: You have to tone it down to save your voice we have no days off on this tour.
BBM: How did you get on the SOS Records?
Matt: Just do you the label signed us for different reasons they like our old school signed and the guy who produced are album did all the Germs albums, Black flag, Dead Kennedy’s, Stuff like that there’s hints of the old school in us where well suited with the adicts there’s was a month I couldn’t write just chain smoke cigarettes’ and drive my fist in my head why can’t I write you know. Usually we write like crazy everything I heard was no good that aint it you know it’s pretty frustrating but I’m over it.

BBM: Any last words?
It was awesome to play so unloved home coming in san Antonio with angel wings there good friends of ours and san Antonio has Treated us very well.

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