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The Rocketz

This group from LA County is a great American Psychoabilly band thats definitely worth a listen. The band shows a lot of talent and unique members to the group. They seemed kinda drunk and answered most of the questions for us haha but it was a blast and a great live show and here they are

BBM: Who have y’all shared the stage with?
The cramps, social Distortion, No Doubt, The Muffs When they got signed, rage against the machine when they got signed. Stone Temple pilots when they got signed. This was on a band called Terror train we never got signed we played with some big names. The Rocketz are new we’ve played with demented are go Mad Sin.
Ive toured on warp tour before playing with nofx, real big fish, yellow card, the attaris

We like that stuff too don’t mistake it just because where a Psychobilly band
Where Psychobilly esque. You gotta listen to everything our music crosses all kinds of boundaries you know rockabilly, Psychobilly, punk, Village people, Barry Manilow, a little disco in there.

BBM: You mentioned you been in Vegas now besides that have you been to viva las vegas?
our 2nd show ever was there thell never have us back it’s a traditional rockabilly Hillbilly venue. They didn’t know about the rocketz they booked and it was our 2nd show at the 7th annual viva last Vegas. Im very well connected it’s the rockabilly and Psychobilly in southern California. I think we turned them upside down.

 Now they started the Sin City Stomp weekend up the street the same weekend. It was awesome we headlined the show it was great.
BBM: A lot of rockabilly turn their nose up to Psychobilly and back and forth. Do you think there the same?
If there is a difference here’s the deal if a band does what they do as best they can people are going to respect it. If you a Psychobilly band out there and your just trying to make a lot of noise and slap a bass just because you just trying to show I can slap this fast. The rockabilly’s will be turned off to it like wise if you a rockabilly band doing top 40 its by cheesy to a psycho who likes punk.  Certain bands are respected by everyone the skins, punks, rock,psychobillys or Hair Farmers will like you. I think where crossing the line one of our members is stickily rockabilly he plays with the sharp shooters with Wanda Jackson in June. I love pun k and ska if you’re up there just making a fool of yourself I’m going to make fun of you. If you up there working your but off I’m going to like it. I’m not gonna judge

BBM: You guys are in a little van you’re not flying or anything like that.
But we did stay at a holiday in express last night

BBM: Your pimpin. It must be hectic but your guys not touring with a female would that be a problem?
It’s not a problem
Be honest dude
It’s a little different but not a problem
Well you can’t just stop anywhere and piss on the side of the road. We do rest stops new Mexico and Texas has the best rest areas.
California and Texas are kinda the same I can honestly say Texas is the only other place I can live in. I’m not saying that cause where in Texas and I have an interview with yall. Out of all the states (names all the states im 2 lazy to type it) I love Texas its my favorite other the California
You’re always welcome here
Our only regret is that where only doing 3 shows because of our day jobs. We have a lot of friends in Dallas and Houston.

BBM: What do you do for a living?
I’m a manager for an IT department for county wide I have 2 teams doing remote support and other IT stuff. I’m an assistant manager at a women’s shoe store (Drummer) it’s wonderful. I’m a proud union construction worker building America.
I’m going to talk to our merch guy we hired him tonight we made him two T-shirts.
(singer leaves)

I’m going to tell you the truth we cant take it anymore we want to go back home. Just playing the Burger at sam’s is the best. There’s no denying the face that everything is bigger in Texas. What A burger is bigger than anywhere else in California. I turned them on to it last night we have a sonic back home are going to eat your tots? Where glad to be in texas can wait to come back next month
Sorry back on track

BBM: The entire situation is you guys are driving long way do you ever cant stand being on the road?
I love driving and being the road I was the sun rise in El Paso over the desert love it. I should have been a truck driver
I slept most of the way on this tour in the back of the van but previous experiences I may be driving 10-16 hrs at a time which sucks nothing beats it.

BBM: Ever pulled over?
Yeah the last tour we were so close to new Mexico and he was in front cheating looking in his rear view to see how fast we caught up to him. He lets us go we gave him a few shirts and cds he said we were cool and let us go. The funniest thing is Andrews in the back on a lawn chair and the passenger seat belt don’t work if we get busted we getting F in the A.  I had my hands on the seat and he was like show me your hands when he first came up but he was totally cool I appreciate them as much as I hate them but I understand them being edgy you could have a machete or a Taser or a bat with nails on the end. Or the little snaps that you get from the ice cream man you can get someone in the eye really good with them. Its cool driving a long and shooting fireworks.

The Rocketz: Tell us about you. What’s your day job
(talk business for a while it was boring about us)

BBM: There’s a scene here and its awesome. I like to see the kids enjoying it. A lot of kids come out here for the ska and not the Psychobilly.

Ill tell you one thing Psychobilly and rockabilly is growing in a big way.  Its replacing a lot of pop punk emo kind of thing in a huge way. You know I was involved in ap op punk band touring years ago it was really tough a band called up syndrome and it is in a big way younger kids are getting into more aggressive music. I was always into rockabilly and Psychobilly and just to see it growing and growing there’s not a single day that goes by that I won’t see a greaser or psycho somewhere. Its kind of snowballing not in that gay spit cum back in your mouth sort of way not that snow ball.

They say rockabilly is the punk rock retirement plan. They all become rockabillys skin heads, punks everything comes around and starts appreciating where the music steamed from it all evolved from rockabilly like punk. If I saw a rockabilly song on a nike commercial im retiring here’s my comb my pants my grease.  You here that stuff and people relate we all say where never going to sell out. But if I can make money if coke a cola comes and wants to use a song where there. It just depends on how many zero’s .

BBM: Anything you want us to mention in the magazine?
www.rocketz with a z hit us up email us we want to expose are self as much as possible and make some friends. Where happy to be on our label rock n roll see you at the show and at wanda Jackson!

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