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Ron Noble Bassoon player from Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses

Recently we posted a review of the Zelda Symphony it was magnificent show and Ive never been to an event like this before. I had a change to ask Ron Noble a few questions. He Performed in the Symphony and its 38th season with the San Antonio Symphony. It was a stunning show with flawless performances from all the musicians. I hope to see another Symphony done by Nintendo in the future. We have more Zelda Symphony of The Goddesses interviews coming so keep your eyes on the blog. Here is Mr Noble…

What’s your name and what instrument do you play?
Ron Noble, Bassoon and Contrabassoon

 Give me a little history of your work. When did you first start playing
and who have you worked with?
I started playing bassoon in my sophomore year of college. My first symphony job was with the Miami Philharmonic. I have been a member of the San Antonio Symphony for 37 years. I have also played for the Dallas, New Orleans, Santa Fe, Austin, and Naples, Fl. orchestras. I have also played for the Moody Blues, Louis Miguel, and Broadway musicals performed in San Antonio.
What first inspired you to want to be a musician and what age where you?
I was inspired by my father who played Saxophone, clarinet and flute. He led a dance band in Chicago for many years. I was 11 years old and started on the clarinet.
Who are your influences?
My private lesson teachers inspired me to be the best I could be.

When did you find out that the Austin Symphony would performing the
Zelda Symphony? 
When I received an email from the personnel manager offering me the work I was aware that Zelda would be performed in Austin.

How much time in advance where you practicing the music?
I received the music about 3 weeks before our first rehearsal.

Did y’all work closely with Eímear Noone before the event? I

do not know who that is as I only dealt with the personnel manager.
Did you have a personal favorite song you played that night? 
No, I enjoyed all of the selections that we performed.
Are you a Zelda Fan? 
I was not aware of Zelda until I was hired for the job and mentioned it to my family and friends.
What is some advice you would give to a youth want to pursue a career in music?
You will need to practice many hours and be the best on your instrument. Find the best private teacher you can and take lessons year round for years. Go to the best music school you can and play as much repertoire as you can.
What’s coming up for you in the future? 
The San Antonio Symphony will start in October and I will be starting my 38th season with the orchestra.

Any Last words anything you want to add on?

I hope all Americans will support live music and go to all forms of music.

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