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The SmashUp

This is just a tease of my interview with The Smash up these guys are hilarious. the entire interview will be featured on our site launch more info to come!

BBM: How did you come up with this name?
I told him give me what you got as far as band names and he handed me a list. On the middle of the list was the smash up and it just kept coming back to it and it stuck. We’ve had a love hate relationship with the name. We have to come to like it its so unseen  and its who we are. We all are a smash up of different styles its very ironic how it turned out and its kinda cool. Everyone always messes up our name though smoosh up, smash mouth you know.

We told the guy from tooth and nail and he said we want to do a mash up with you. He sent us the entire catalog and then we sent it to him and he found out who we where. He was like dude this is awesome.

BBM: Everything yall have been through making it to this point. What was the worst moment ever?
How much tape do you have? Is that a 60 minute I don’t think we have enough tape. We keep an excel spread sheet of every gig we ever played. 88-92% of the shows have been wonderfully horrible in some way but that’s what made us who we are and able to play in front of 6,000 kids.  Being from new york its about showcasing to major labels.  You have to focus on industry fucking things I love connecting with the kids not playing for a bunch of fucking suits you know.

BBM: I have to find a way to word this question
Uh oh just so you know we are not exclusive and we take turns on each other. Okay lets back up for a second what where you talking about?

BBM: I love the entire band and yalls spirit. You have amazing songs do you ever get writers block?

Well we have Liguria which is kinda like diarrhea of the mouth I think we suffer from that I don’t think a writer’s block is possible for us. Ask us again when we’ve made 10,000,000 dollars and where sitting by a pool sipping on conyak and at that point we may lose inspiration but until then no lack of ideas.

BBM:What’s your favorite song off the album and why?
Good question I think everyone has their own. I would say you write songs and perform them so many times. They either stay on tips on tongues or they don’t. I think there’s songs we play over and over and we don’t get tired of them. I get excited just like the moment we wrote them or first recorded them. I feel that excitement every night I never get bored writing a song.  My favorite song varies with my mood.

Just so you get al little background there was a drummer before for the first 6 months I guess so they say they were trying to find who the band really was and I came in. When we wrote our first song together I felt we had this.

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