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Lil’ Bit and the Customatics

Lil’ Bit and the Customatics is a Rockabilly band from San Antonio, Tx with a good ol’ fashioned down south sound.  See her sing live is like being back in the 50’s I like to think for that moment she brings it back. I highly recommend you catch there live shows when at all possible and Support your local scene!! I had the pleasure of sitting down with Lil Bit and here’s what she had to say…..

BBM: Give me a little history on the band
Lil’ Bit: When we started we started we where under a different name now we have 4 albums and are a national touring act. 5 tours in 2 ½ years…

BBM: How did you come up with the bands name?
Lil’ Bit: Well my names liil’ Bit I’d say for about 10 years now I got it in college cause I’m short. The ustomatics came from the trash a 1950’s refrigerator it said the customatic. To me it sounded like a band something familiar. Like you would think oh I heard of that.

BBM: How would you describe the sound to someone who’s not familiar with the genre?
Lil’ Bit: We are a mix of swing, rockabilly, honky tonk, country early hillbilly and bluegrass

BBM: What made you want to play this genre?
Lil’ Bit: I grew up in it my grandfather was a hillbilly musician playing the fiddle and the accordion. My dad was a folk musician before I was born so I was raised with music. I actually rebellet against it in high school. The cure is my favorite band but I always loved the old country. I started singing in karaoke I college in San Marcos and somebody heard me doing Patsy Cline suggested I go record a few song and it went on from there 

BBM: What are some of the ladies you look up to in the music Industry?
Lil’ Bit: Well the old ladies that our legends you know Janis Martin, Wanda Jackson just to name a few.

BBM: How was it playing with Wanda Jackson?
Lil’ Bit: It was awesome someone wanted to put on a show. It started off just to band and my boys backing her up and others got added. The first time I met her was her showing up on my door step the night before for rehearsal. It was really cool we got to hang out one on one. I was singing with her that night and she said your doing the harmonies for my back. It was amazing being on stage hearing the crowd you know to see her and be a part of it. What are some off the female vocalist.

BBM: What are some of the positive and negative things about being a female vocalist?
Lil’ Bit: The positive its nice to be able to be in charge I’d like to say me being cute has nothing to do with it. It gets some people in the door because I’m not bad to look at but I get treated better then a lot of males especially on the road people will trust us because there’s a girl in the band and put us up with a place to stay. They don’t feel threatened by us people look out for me even strangers. Negative I guess some people in the music scene just don’t like female voices and I cant change there mind about that. I’d say business people trying to book my band and flirt with me but once they go that rout I say ok I guess you don’t need my band that much. I don’t need you that much of Im going to be treating disrespectful.
BBM: What are some words of wisdom you would give to a young female singer?
Lil’ Bit: Pick out your musicians well don’t grab because you want to play go out and listen to other places. Don’t let anyone try and take charge. If you’re the one who wants to do it and its your dream you should be able to take charge. Make good business decisions for yourself. Women can do really well in the business if they step up and take charge

BBM: Funniest touring moment?
Lil’ Bit: Aww man there’s a lot of them. There’s some funny ones I got alcohol poisoning on one of our first tours. I mean it was sad but now funny I don’t drink much any more. When you go to Denver you have to watch how crazy you get. The alcohol will go to your head. I had dresses rip on stage with big gapping holes you know underwear showing. Dress tucked in the back of my panty hose and no one telling me. That kind of stuff I almost drown one time on tour I wanted to go play in the ocean in Oregon and I was jumping on a rock and there was no water when I got on it and a huge 10 foot wave went over and took me out and I’m clawing on the rocks trying to hold on. I saw my life flash before my eyes. Seeing headlines TX singer dies off Oregon cost funny but sad.

BBM: Any Last words anything you want to add?
Lil’ Bit: Get out there and support local music weather its rockabilly or rock n roll or anything. A lot of touring bands with big labels. They make money no matter if people show up or not but local people need the support. Where here for the crowds and the love of the music.

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