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Boz Boorer

An intro is not needed for Boz Boorer. Here is the man himself….
BBM: What’s your name?
My name’s Boz Boorer sometimes. Most of the time.
BBM: Give me some history about yourself
Boz Boorer: In the 70’s I was listening to a lot off punk rock and rock-n-roll and I found a mixture of the two. I was 17 years old and started listening to everything and then I got in the studio as an engineer 6 years after that. Morrissey asked me to be his guitar like a lead in the band and I’ve done that ever since.
BBM: How did you go from playing in Morrissey to playing rockabilly in the Polecats?
Boz Boorer: I started in rockabilly and Morrissey was interested in that entire honest rockabilly thing. It has no potential. It is what it is, that entire rockabilly thing. It’s not bullshit and I think that for him at the time he kinda went oohhh and my friend introduced us and the rest is history.
BBM: What’s are some obstacles you faced?
Boz Boorer: The entire thing with Morrissey and rockabilly, some people find that a problem. I made some great records and played with some great rockabilly guys. I remember people would make fun of me. I think they find that a bit of a problem. It’s like, “He’s ok. He does that pop stuff but he also does some really great rockabilly. We don’t know. He’s alright.”
BBM: How would you say the rockabilly scene is now, compared to when your first started?
Boz Boorer: Its not the same as in the early 80’s. It goes up and down in London. There’s a bit of a rise at the moment with the whole Psychobilly thing. In London it really hasn’t had any popularity in 15 years. It’s starting to pick back up. Younger kids are starting to get into it. For me, I just do what I do and it fits in with strange things. I’ve done it for like 34 years and I think it’s very rare I don’t know anyone who’s played music this long and done it ok and I’m still here.
BBM: How’s does Morrissey like your rockabilly band?
Boz Boorer: I think it crosses over. Some people grasp it and some people don’t. It’s not I met some rockabilly friends that like Boz Boorer and that’s about as far as it goes the rockabilly thing. With other things it goes and goes with the connection and all that it takes me back to a different place. The rockabilly thing is so huge and vast and a lot of people started out with listening to Morrissey and the smiths and then in the early 90’s it was omg Morrissey. It’s completely rockabilly and it’s drawn so much more people. You know it’s brought so many more people to listen to a genre that really started it all in the first place. It’s cool to pull them out and Morrissey heard the same thing. He heard it before us.
BBM: Influences?
Boz Boorer: When I was 10, I was listening to so much glam rock and rock n roll punk. It was a necessary start. Other then that, I can’t really say.
BBM: What made you want to pick up a guitar and play in the first place?
Boz Boorer: I was a huge fan of pop music back when I heard it. The glam thing in the early 70’s, it made me want to pick up a guitar. I was like wooow. The whole thing that made completely inspired me.
BBM: What are some words of wisdom you would give to a youth wanting to persue a career in the music industry?
Boz Boorer: Well, play as many different things as you can. Don’t do the expected. Rock with everyone. Find your place. It’s easy to say, it’s different to do. Music is open to anyone that comes and embraces it.
BBM: What are some of the positive and negative things about devoting your life to music?
Boz Boorer: It’s hard to pay the bills sometimes. Very difficult. The great things are traveling. I love traveling. To see people who love rockabilly is everything. It’s great to come and visit.
BBM: Earlier you mentioned a new Morrissey album. Can we have details about that?
Boz Boorer: It has a great glam influence and it’s a little avon glam. It’s new. It’s different.
BBM: How would you compare the sound?
Boz Boorer: I would saying pop rock. It’s different then the old record. It’s gone to a new place. When you throw a new record out you don’t know how its going to be taken by the fans.
BBM: What’s coming up for you in the future?
Boz Boorer: Touring the world
BBM: Any last words?
Boz Boorer: I’ve been in Texas for two days. I’ve had a lot of fun. Thanks for everything.

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