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Artist: Juan Carlos Medel

So this is our first artist showcase interview with many more to come. Juan is a very talented artist with a very bright future. Below is our interview together so our readers can get a feel for the man behind the art.  On a personal note, Juan and his family are very good friends of mine and I  hold them close. Overall, you couldn’t ask to meet more wonderful people. Below he explains his life-threatening problem. If you or anyone you know can help him, please call. I would do it myself if I was not in such poor health. Enjoy the read and get at him for all your design needs. His family is a one stop shop with even his 12 year old having a strong passion in art. I enjoy hearing stories about his family every day and wish them nothing but success.

BBM: What’s your name and what do you do?
Juan Carlos Medel. I am an artist of many disciplines, which include oil painting, color penciling, airbrush painting and my art also extends to the digital realm. I work with 3D and 2D graphics software.

BBM: What software do you have experience with? 
I work with Hexagon, Bryce, 3D Studio Max, Poser and Amorhium, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Corel Draw.

BBM: Where do you find your inspiration in life?
I look deep into my mind’s eye. I often dream of things so fantastic that I just have to put them into artwork to explain them, and some are just too fantastic to describe. But my greatest inspiration is GOD Himself. Just look at the infinite beauty in infinite combinations there are in nature.

BBM: What words of wisdom would you give to a youth about design?
Never stop imagining. Art always precedes science. Just look at the flying machines Devin Chi designed back then and today’s fighter planes and airliners. Just imagine what future artists today can imagine and then what reality future scientists will create from our and their own imaginations.

BBM: I heard you’re starting a family comic. Tell me about that.
The story was spawned from my brother Roland and I. We would read comics and from there we decided to write our own story and do it in a fashion that will probably take generations to tell, because of its complexities and the sheer volume detail and the many plot lines taking place at the same time. This will be in line with Sci-Fi and Theological overtones.

BBM: What first influenced you to get involved in digital art?
Seeing a video series called, “The Mind’s Eye.” These are digital artists that I shared the same vision with and I aspire to emulate and succeed; make our own footprint in the digital world. I found a relatively inexpensive piece of software called “Bryce.” I saw that I was a natural there as well, and the rest is digital history.

BBM: What is your favorite creation you’ve ever made?
My 4 children, because artists do it in style. There are 2 pieces that are most on my mind. The first one was of a mountain and a river. The reason is initially it was a disaster because I spilled my paint thinner wash on the canvas and the way I recovered was even amazing to me. The second is the one I am currently working on with my son Johnny. It is a space scene on his bedroom wall. It is turning to be out of this world.

BBM:How can people get in contact with you?
By email for now, ( because I want to establish a business of traditional art and digital art I can do for potential customers, like rock album art, book covers, business logos and as well as our comic. We are a family of artists and programmers. Designing websites are also in our line of work. Coupled with our imagination, well lets just say that you won’t be disappointed.

BBM: Any Last words? Anything you want to add?

I have currently hit a setback, which makes me quite ill. I need a kidney transplant or else I will eventually die. I can make it on dialysis, but who wants to exist that way? I am currently looking for living donors and would entertain offers to have someone that is a match to save my life. They would be tested at no cost to them and the surgery to see if there is a match out there. I am not asking for myself but for my daughter Amanda who is only 12 years old, whom one day I would like to walk down the aisle. She deserves her old man at least for a few more years. I understand that there are people that never get a donor, and die waiting, but for her at least I know that there is a chance for me out there in one of you. The number to call, if you would have the courage to be my living donor, is 1-210-567-5777. Call on my behalf, Juan Carlos Medel. They will certainly schedule you for testing to see if you are a match. My family and I would be most grateful.

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