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The Toasters

 The Toasters are a legendary ska band from NYC who have accomplished many things in there 31 year and still going strong. Some things about them they’ve toured the world many times, the theme song for the cartoon KABLAM which was awesome, and even played at the legendary CBGB’s. I look forward to seeing them in October and check out there website to see when you can catch them. I had a chance to sit down with buck and this is what he had to say.

This is buck. Guitar and vocals, also manage the band and the label and run the production company and consulting business

BBM: Give me a little history on the band    here’s a good place to start. Basically we came out of the lower east side of NYC in 1981 and since that the snowball has run down the hill a ways

BBM: How did you come up with the band’s name?
Buck: Toasters are the original Jamaican mc.s so that’s where it came from

BBM: Bands influences?
Buck: Joe Jackson and elvis Costello, 2-tone and Trojan explosion ska music, the beatles, dave clark 5 and many more!

BBM: How does it feel to be celebrating nearly 31 years as a band?
Buck: Feels great, but I’m wondering where all the time went. The last ten years on the road have gone by like lightening!

BBM: When forming did you expect this level of success?
Buck: Not at all. Originally it was just for laughs. I never considered that I’d be playing in the band internationally

BBM: I’m sure there’s a ton of memories from over the years and a lot of history The Toasters have made. How did it feel playing at the legendary CBGB’s?
Buck: CBGB’s was great. They allowed us to run our own residency there and that’s what really kicked off the scene in NYC . the fact that the moronic mayor allowed it to close without support just shows how
culturally shallow the city has become. A real shame

BBM: Also an amazing thing in 1990 to be the first foreign Ska band behind the Iron Curtin. How was the experience?   
Exciting, but at the end of the day it was easier to come in and out of communist Germany, CZ, Yugoslavia and Poland than it is to cross the so-called “peace bridge” between USA and Canada.

BBM: How has the sound of the band changed compared to when first forming?
Buck: Not very much I’d say. The original recordings were somewhat rough and ready, but that has more to do with the fact that we didn’t have enough money to invest in a good sound than any tyhing else.  Artistically I’d say the band is much closer to it’s roots now than some of the parabola that we reached in the reggae.jazz spheres in the 90’s

BBM: To me there’s nothing better than a good Ska show especially a legendary act like The Toaster to see live. After all these years how do you still keep the live show so fresh and lyrics so original?
Buck: You have to remain excited and committed to what you do. I always thought that the best way to listen to ska music was in the live idiom. That’s because the audience is an integral part of the show. You can’t track that in the recording studio. Probably also why my favorite recordings are the live ones

BBM: Tell our readers about The Moon Ska Stompers and what their most know form?
Buck: Moon ska stompers was a house band from the record label, comprising members of the toasters and friends. We recorded a bunch of commercials and jungles with that outfit as well as movie soundtracks. Our best known effort was probably the Kablam soundtrack for Nickelodeon

BBM: Favorite place to tour and why?
Buck: Right now south America because the people there are so purely into the music. But ask me again after I get back from australia and indoneasia!

BBM: Funniest touring moment?
Buck: Sledge almost falling off the ferry france-england because he was too hammered to get up off the deck and we couldn’t stop him rolling around because he was so big!

BBM: When can we expect to see the band in Texas again? 
Buck: October 11th!!

BBM: Three words that describe the band?
Buck: New York SKa

BBM:Whats coming up for the band in the future?
Buck: More touring. Right now we are mastering a 7 inch vinyl for a fall release. House Of Soul

BBM: What are some words of wisdom you would give a youth wanting to be in a band??
Buck: Be prepared to work long and hard for no money and little respect. Society doesn’t really respect it’s artists. Especially those at the bottom of the ladder. Rock and roll is a bitch

BBM: Any last words anything you want to add?
support your local ska band

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