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Adventure Time Interview.

Adventure time is a very artistic and unique adventure cartoon. The show has come a long way from viewing the pilot and in such a short time has exploded and become a worldwide phenomenon. With Toys, stuffed animals, comics, merch, dvds, and soon to be a game on the DS and 3DS. One thing I would also recommend checking out are some of the various Adventure Time comic variants they’re awesome. Me and my daughter love Adventure Time and can’t wait to see Jake and the gang embark on an epic journey every Monday at 6:30 and a lot of other times on Cartoon Network. We had a change to get some more info on the game…

BBM: So tell us about the upcoming game.
So Adventure Time Hey Ice King why did you steal our garbage! In stored on November 20th we have the game available on the DS and 3DS and we also have a collector’s edition that’s available for a limited time only. Collector’s edition consists of a steel book case that’s a custom art design. Inside the case of course you’ll get the game. A custom sword stylus that’s not available anywhere else for sale only available in the special edition. A very large story book manual and inside the manual you’ll find sketches of Pendelton Wards art, and a world map.

BBM: What can fans expect from the game? Is the game style true to the show as well?
Yes the reason is the creator of the show Pendelton Ward actually wrote the script for the game. He’s been very much involved the design and the development of the game all along so the game itself is an adventure game. A plat forming adventure the story is the Ice King steals everyone’s garbage. He makes a garbage prince. Of course Finn and Jake have a passion for rescuing princesses. So they embark on a quest to save her.

BBM: That’s a great idea I can’t wait. What are you most excited about?
Well it’s the first ever Adventure Time video game that’s exciting for us. The show itself is doing quite well. Merchandising is been a big hit

BBM: You can’t get it fast enough. It fly’s o the shelf’s my daughter has most of the stuffed animals
Yeah they’ve done a really good job with the brand and the license. Everyone is excited for this game watching the show come to life in 3D too.

BBM: Beautiful idea was it originally intended for the 3DS as well. When it was announced I remember it being DS only.
When we were talking about the game we would always talk about the hand held item. There was always a discussion about DS 3DS or both we thought it was a great brand and are excited to work with them.

BBM: Can’t wait to see in 3D. Where can fans get the latest info on the game?

Since where here at the GameStop show you can certainly go to the GameStop site. Type keyword adventure time and get a lot of into. You can also go the Cartoon Network site and the Publishers website D3.

BBM: What’s the price point on the game and the special edition?
The game itself is 29.95 and the special edition is 39.95

BBM: That’s very cheap with all that great content. I’m going to have to go preorder mine now. Any last words and thing you want to add on?

We are very excited for the game and everyone seems to be excited about it. Pendelton is blogging about it all the time. We just encourage you to go to Gamestop.com and pre order yours today.

BBM: Pre order your at your friendly neighborhood GameStop while you can I know this wont last long at such a great price for the SE

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