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Neo Geo X Interview

Neo Geo has a long history of bringing great games to fans since the console came out in 1990. In 2009 was ranked 19 out of 25 for best consoles of all time. So its no surprise  they are back with Neo Geo X which will be released in December of 2012. I’m very excited about Neo Geo X for the fact its a home console and a hand held for on the go. How much more value can you get then that? I don’t want to explain to much more then that you can find out more below….

BBM: Were at the GameStop Expo talking with Neo Geo X tell us about some of the features your excited about?
The main thing is there’s 20 pre-loaded with 20 classic games such as Magician Lord, Metal Slug and more games can be added with additional game cards. Later on in retail

BBM: So there going to be cartridges?
Yes kinda like cartridges. Also another feature I like is the HDMI outs directly from the hand held itself. So if you get just the hand held you can hook up like that. In the bundle Neo Geo X gold you’ll have a station that you see here you plug it into. That charges the handheld and plugs into HDMI or AV out it has two control ports. The package comes with the station, 1 controller and the Hand held and you can get another controller sold separately.

BBM: What game are you most excited about that’s pre-loaded on there?
Magician Lords its really old school, hardcore, very hard game that kicks my ass all the time but I always keep coming back. You can see over here the handheld connects into the station.

BBM: That is very cool I love the idea.
You take it out you go out and can play it on the go. You go home plug it in and can play two players.

BBM: Very innovative never seen a product quite like this. What brought the re boot about?
It was a long couple of years in the making just getting licenses and talking about SNK for approval. The idea was original the handheld go into the system up right but the specs didn’t work out. It was going to take up to much room, too much plastic, too much material so we had another solution to put it inside.  A lot of people actually have to see it to get that its goes inside.

BBM: Yeah it didn’t hit me till I saw you show me.
Once you see it makes a lot of sense

BBM: When can we get our hands on this when is it coming out and what’s the price point?
The price point for the bundle is 199

BBM: That’s not bad for everything you’re getting
Yes exactly and I have seen a couple of complaints on the web here on there and the price of everything. The thing is if you go out and download all these games it will run about probably over 200 bucks and some of 
these games you can’t find on a virtual console . The hand held itself is 129 and will be out in Dec

BBM:  Where can fans find out the latest news about Neo Geo?

BBM:  What are some upcoming games your very excited about?
One game we are working hard to get out soon it Ninja Masters that’s also one of the classic fighting games. That is one of the fighting games that does not get as much attention as it should and is a very cool game

BBM: It always happens in the states just like with Anime and Manga.
exactly it’s heartbreaking but when it does come back and people appreciate it it’s even better.

BBM: Yup makes it special any last words anything you want to add on?
Please check it out it’s a very special product. It will be available for pre order on the GameStop website in about 2 or 3 weeks it will be out in dec.

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