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Skylanders Giants Interview

Sklanders is a great idea. To be honest I was a little skeptical at first thinking corporate America snuck into gaming. That is not the case! At least for this game 😛 I bought the first one for my daughter and we where immediate fans. I have over have of the first titles characters and can’t wait for the new ones. If you have been on the fence about this title the time to pick it up is now! I got to sit down and ask some questions about the upcoming release of Skylanders Giants and get all the info you need here…

BBM: What are some features that you’re excited about for the game?
I’m just really excited for everyone to get their hands on all the new characters. We’ve got 8 giants one for each element, we got 8 new characters, then we have 8 Lightcore characters that are a mix of New favorites and returning characters. That light up when you put them on the portal and have an in game effect that is absolutely spectacular.

BBM: How would you say this game is different from the previous title?
One of the things I was focused on a lot was the replay ability. We found with last year’s title it wasn’t a simple one and done for people. They really like going back through with new characters playing it repeatedly different times. So what we’ve gone and done is add multiple difficulty levels dynamic difficulty range. We also added a lot more areas and hidden areas to explore with your character.

Whats your favorite character out of the new batch?
Ohhh that’s tuff my two favorites would have to be pop fizz that’s a new magic skylander I’m showing off at the booth here . Our light skylander Shrrom Boom is my real favorite. Out of the giants Bouncer 

BBM: I saw him in Game Informer. So this is one of the Giants and this is one of the regular Skylanders?
Yes There is a big difference in size and if you notice he has an arm cannon and his eyes actually glow. There’s no batteries theirs no on/ off switch. You don’t even need to touch the portal for it to light up.

BBM: That’s different
Exactly its totally power by magic so you won’t have to change batteries things like that its really great.

BBM: There is some beautiful attention to detail here his arm glows the eye glows I love it
Yes each of them glow in a different way so for Bouncer his arm glows and his eye glow a different color then the others. The light characters all have different glowing parts as well

BBM: What are some things you would want our readers to know about the new game? When can they get their hands on it?
It comes out in oct on the ps3, wii, 360, 3DS. The 3DS is a completely new adventure but supports Giants from previous games as well as all new skylanders and that’s something we want players to know. We totally support all content from last years including the expansion. You can take the ones you got last year and bring them in the 2nd and play with the Giants. So the expansions have been re tweeked so the giants will fit in the environment and play in thos levels.

BBM: With using multiple characters can you use one giants and one regular character?
Yeah we support all combinations of that, two giants, one and one, or 2 normal skylanders. The entire game is designed so even if you didn’t have a giants or a normal character you can play through the game with one character. So you don’t have to have a certain type. We support any combinations.

BBM: What would you say brought up the new title so fast? The last one came out last year? Was it a lot of requests from fans?
Our fans feedback has been phenomenal one of our proudest things at work is that we get fan mail. It’s really great to come to work and see drawings from kids or people with families telling us how great the game is. How much fun their having. Every time I come to an expo I hear people say I play this with my son I play this with me wife and It’s just awesome where really proud everyone is finding their character. Their finding their play style and it’s really no’t just for kids it’s for all ages and works for all different combinations of people.

BBM: I love the game andmy daughter is 2 and it’s the only game she plays besides Angry Birds.
Awesome that’s great

BBM: Yeah its great I didn’t think I would enjoy it on that level and its fun.
Its great we find the way to capture the imagination. We have people telling us that their kids are playing with the toys outside of the game. Their using them as action figures its it own beast. One of co works tells me he son goes to bed with it. Its great you know its way cool we can see that imagination come out or to read articles on the internet. People are making chess sets out of the toys stretching the value of the figures of not just the game but to their own imagination.

BBM: My daughter loves the one with tongue sticking out. It never triggered in my mind that it has more functions but she plays with it all the time.
Yeah we have people tell us their kids go to sleep with them. It’s like their new action figures it’s really cute

BBM:  That’s something to be proud it’s not just a game anymore. Will this game have as much dlc at the last one?
We are releasing battle packs which one of them is a Gamestop exclusive you may have heard about. The golden dragon fire battle pack. What’s that going to do is unlock 3 PVP arenas come with two characters. Shroom Boom who’s my favorite a life element character and chop chop. Ones cool is the dragon fire characters not only unlocks the PVP arena’s he will follow you around actually in the game following your character around and you can see him charge up and shoot a massive amount of enemies.

BBM: What are some games you’re looking forward to in the next coming year?
Personally I’m a big gamer Ill playing anything in front of me. This is one of the few years I haven’t worked on a Call of Duty so it’s great to see the new Black Ops. Im excited for Borderlands 2 and whatever Nintendo is doing with the WiiU its always exciting to see what they come up with.

BBM: Any last words anything you want to add onto this?
Come try out Skylander Giants its coming out in October 21 and where really proud of the game. Cants wait for the fan reaction got a great set of new characters and a great story.
BBM: It’s really great so far you can tell you put so much time with it rather than slapping together a new game. Were excited just hearing about it will definitely have to check it out. 

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