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Turtle Beach better watch their back because Afterglow is coming out with a new wired/wireless headset. It has the beautiful effect we can expect from Afterglow. With a full sound and comfort that’s unmatched. I even had my wife try them on how much I enjoyed them. The site will be launched on Saturday so keep your eyes on it for a release date.  Everything you need to know about the new headphones is…

BBM: What’s the feature that you’re most excited about for the new Headphones?
The sound without any question that I’ve personally ever heard. We’re doing test you know blind taste tests quote unquote and our headsets kicking butt basically and for good reason. It really is a rich sound like I talked to my 82 year old dad on the phone last night for about an hour. I was using them and he could hear every word.

BBM: So you can use them on your phone?
Yeah the wireless come with cords you can plug into your Xbox and their designed just for the xbox for chat. A regular cord for Laptop and Ipad as well as phone.

BBM: So when you say universal you mean everything?
Universal man if you had a Walkman you could use it.

BBM: That’s amazing on its own like with the turtle beaches I don’t think I can use them with really anything but Xbox and pc.
That’s right that’s the thing. I switch between my cellphone and my landline yes I have a landline.
Both: (laughs)

BBM: How have people been embracing them so far?
Universally no pun intended everyone loves them. As a company where really proud of them we make good stuff and like to hold are head high. Especially with these there impressive

BBM: It’s like the cherry on the top
(laughs) Yeah the blue green Afterglow cherry exactly.

BBM: Give our readers a little bit about the head set. What’s the price point and when can they get their hands on them?
We don’t have a release date yet but its soon. We are going to have 2 versions wired and wireless. The wired version is $59.99 and the wireless is $89.99.

BBM: That’s really cheap you can spend 70 easily.  That’s a great price point.  What are some games you are looking forward to in the upcoming year?
I can’t wait for Watch Dogs it looks ridiculously sweet. I just played some sleeping dogs that was sweet. I’m kind of an Assassins Creed guy so I’m looking forward to 3. I hope it revives the franchise because revelations I wasn’t a big fan of.

BBM: (laughs) I was thinking that when you said that. It looks great and I hope they hit a home run.
I wanted play it but the lines too long

BBM: So where can find the latest news on the head set?
our website goes live on Saturday and that’s a really good looking site.

BBM: Any last words anything you want to add on?
I can guarantee you these headsets will be the best their comfortable. When I say comfortable. Like I said I talked to my old man for an hour and I forgot I was wearing them. My neighbor’s dog was barking so I plugged them and couldn’t hear anything.
BBM: These are instantly comfortable and I’ve always been a Turtle Beach guy but I’m sure you will convert a lot of fans.  

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