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Fable the Journey Interview

So fans of Fable will be able to venture back into Albion soon with Fable the Journey coming out in October. I was very skeptical about the game since I’ve been a huge Fable fan since the beginning. They have put to rest a lot of my concerns. The graphics are the best available for Kinect powered by the Unreal Engine. Kinect responds well even as you sit down I was watching a 8 year old get down without problem. My concern is will this entry be true to fable in previous games you can mold your hero as you see fit. This one is not the Albion we know and love it’s even in a first person package now. We will have to see once the title releases but this has definitely tempted me to pick up Kinect. One thing I have to mention is Lionhead has now perfected be able to sit down a play Kinect and they are sharing the technology as well.  What I will say is Lionhead knows what they’re doing and we all need to have faith in them…

BBM: What are you most excited about with Fable The Journey?
It allows you to do something you weren’t able to do in the last fables. Be close to Albion your able to do the magic yourself. I think it’s a lot different from anything else on Kinect its bringing a core experience to Kinect. One does something with Kinect you can’t do in real life which is magic.

BBM: The graphics our beautiful easily the best I’ve seen on Kinect so far. Its run on the Unreal Engine correct?
Yeah I would go a little further to say the best graphics we’ve ever had on Fable and the Unreal Engine is a huge reason for it.

BBM: What can we expect from this game? What are some new features?
It’s a true Fable game it’s a long play narrative from A to Z you’re playing through a campaign. It’s a long campaign not a series of mini games. That’s why you need the chair as you can see. You can play the entire game seated or standing or mix and match. It’s very heavy on magic 15 different spells you can craft and use magic as you see fit.

BBM: Can you still mold your hero like the previous titles? With good and bad?
There are certain decisions you have to make in the game with good and bad. I kinda don’t want to give away to much because I  want to leave something for the fans. For the first time ever we have a clearly defined character and it’s not like characters in the past born with this magic. Its kinda an unwilling participant who’s been thrust into it. Doing so allows you to get closer to the character

BBM: How long is the game? Would you say its longer than the other titles as far as main story?
It’s a different experience the other Fable games are more open world you could just sit around and greet people for hours on end. Because we want to play Kinect strengths and we have a clearly defined character and story line its more of a linear thing but it doesn’t take degradation to what the story is.

BBM: Where can fans find the Lionhead studios and what’s the releases date?
Oct 9 we are going to have a demo coming out on sept 19. The best place to find access to find is xbox.com/fable that will get you to our page with our videos and context. Lionhead.com forever everything studio related.

BBM: Can the new game be played with a controller or just Kinect?
No just kinect and the reason being to play this game and experience in full you need to have Kinect. There are tings you can do in the game you cannot do with a controller because you don’t have enough fingers.

BBM: For example?
You can take your left hand throw someone up in the air meanwhile charge a fire bolt on your right hand while that person is in the air juggle them and hit that person with the fire bolt.

BBM: Sounds awesome ok you sold me right there
Yeah its cool you look at the magic system yeah you can just go and flay your arms about but you have to accurate. You need to know what your doing magic is something your learning and you get better as you go along.

BBM: What made Lionhead steer towards Kinect for the sequel? Would you say this is a full-fledged sequel to 3 or can we expect another one soon?
It carries on from where 3 was takes place 50 years after 3. Obviously beyond Kinect is a different experience. You know as long as people want Fable where going to give them Fable right?

BBM: Yeah there’s no shortage of that any new projects coming up in the future?
Its really what people want no news to report right now but obviously fully behind Fable the Journey and its been great so far

BBM: Three words that describe Fable the Journey?
Innovative this is the team that works on Milo and Kate, They’ve been on kinect since the get go. There’s things you can do this game you cant do on others. Maybe its common but Fun it is a fun experience and Engrossing your closer then you have ever been to Albion

BBM: What are some games you’re looking forward to this year?
There’s plenty you know from the big budget block busters like Halo 4 and new Gears of War. Aside from just giving the company lines there is a lot of great titles like Assassins Creed 3 it looks absolutely amazing. I’ve never played a Call of Duty game I’m a big sports nut the new madden came out just yesterday. I picked my copy up and it’s waiting at home.

BBM: Any last words anything you want to add on?
Games comes out oct. 9 I strongly encourage everyone to try the demo that comes out Oct 18. We want to get this in the hands of people who say I love Kinect or the technology but there’s nothing in particular I want to play. Maybe I don’t want to dance 8 hours a day. There great when I have a party but what can I do to get closer to a game. That’s what this game allows you to do
BBM: It definitely a step in right direction for hardcore games on the Kinect. I’ve played Fable since I was a kid with the very first one. I can’t  wait to see more great things in the future.
Awesome and make no bones about it it’s a true Fable game.

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