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I’m always a fan of a successful company with founders from Texas and Kongregate is one of the best things to do on the internet. You can play some games, socialize and earn some achievements what more can you ask for? I mean I went on today and got lost for a few hours. From what I could tell the best is yet to come from these guys. I can’t wait to see what they have planned for the future and if you haven’t go check it out and if you have sit back, relax, and play some games…
BBM: So what’s your name and what’s your title?
My name is Emily Greer and I’m the co-founder and CEO of Kongregate.
BBM: What did you come up with the name of company?
We wanted it to be really social experience for gamers.  American game words about socialness congregating. A the K made the domain available and made it a little be more game friendly. Yeah the only thing was it was a little long and kinda hard to spell. I really like the meaning it has.
BBM: I dig it. So tell me about growing up with your brother where yall big gamers?
We grew up not to far from here in Austin we spent a lot off time in the arcades outside the University of Texas. We had a calico vision and played a lot of games on Apple 2. Load Runner was my favorite and the Ultimate games where his favorite. His first job in the game industry was working on Ultimate 7 for origin in Austin.
BBM: Very cool so how did the company come to be? I love the fact that it was you and your brother.
Yeah so I had never worked in games before this he had been working on games for origin and then he started he own development company in Austin. Then he moved up to the bay to work for EA he had the idea for kongragate and he had only been an engineer and I had more of a business background.
BBM: Perfect combination
Yes I was advising him on a business plan and thought you know this is a good idea.  A lot of fun and more fun then what I’m doing right now so I volunteered to be co-founder.
BBM: That’s an amazing duo reminds me of my sister growing up.
It is pretty amazing that we haven’t managed to kill each other (laughs)
BBM: Tell us what’s coming up in the future for Kongregate?
We are working on a lot of upcoming games. Our international business is big and that’s what where investing in. Mobile is a big part of the Causal experience which you know we have a lot of deep games. Some 15/30 min type games and that’s what’s in mobile. We want to figure out how to participate in that
BBM: All you ever hear is that’s where the moneys at.
You know where doing pretty good our revenue has grown a lot since we were bought by Gamestop. Mostly in virtual goods and advertising has grown as well.
BBM: Did you expect this level of success when you and your brother where chalking it up on the 
board like let’s start a company brother?
I wouldn’t say we expected it. but you know whenever you start a business most fail. We were ok with that and wanted to take the risk but if we didn’t have a hope of success we wouldn’t have started it. We wanted to build something big and meaning full and really try and help game developers distribute and monetize there games. It’s really hard to make a game and we wanted to make making money and growing it easier
BBM: What are you most excited about for the future?
There’s one but I can’t talk about it. What I spend a lot of my time on is understanding games particularly the MMO games. We get to compare the games and analyze them across our audience. Give feedback to developers and sorta help them and untimely make the experience better for the players. Its really fund to be able to work with developers. We’ve been working a lot on making Kongregate more of a social experience and there’s a lot of that now but definitely more to come.
BBM: Three words that describe Kongregate.
Fun Social and caring
BBM: I like that, what are some words of wisdom you would give to someone trying to start their own company and break out?  It’s an amazing thing you’ve done and your quite successful.
Two things don’t be afraid of failure you have to expect you’re going to fall a lot and screw up. You’re going to make a lot of mistakes kinda more then you get it right in order to anything. If you’re not failing you’re not finding the boundaries and you need to build them to succeed. The worst decision is the unmade one. Time is the most precious resource especially in a small business. Think things through be thoughtful and keep going. Don’t worry about things too much
BBM: I would say those are some words of wisdom. What games are you looking forward to this year?
I just saw Ubisoft demo of Assassins Creed and I’m kinda a history geek I enjoy that and the revolutionary era.
BBM: Where can fans get the latest news on Kongregate?
We have a weekly newsletter so if you register and op in will send you info every week. Come on the site every day to get the latest and greatest. We get new games and great games almost every day thell be on the home page ready for you to try.
BBM: Any funny stories from the conference you would like to share with our readers?
Well a few coworkers and I just made a fool of our self’s on the Just Dance Floor. Everybody is telling us that we have some sweet sweet moves and I know there lying.
BBM: Any last words anything you want to add on?
Come play on Kongregate
BBM: www.Kongregate.comcome see what all the fun is about!

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