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Dance Central 3 Interview

Harmonix has been releasing quality games now for years and the best is yet to come. Dance Central 3 is set to release October 16 for North America and 19th worldwide. some info on the upcoming game…

BBM: What are some off the new features in Dance Central 3?
There are actually a lot of new features in Dance Central 3. All I can it’s the best Dance Central game we made yet. It’s also the most ambitious story we’ve ever told in a video game. We have a very robust story mode that covers time travel.  Sort of connect you to the really diverse generation for the soundtrack we have 70’s-today. For the story mode our villain Dr. Tan is back and trying to sort of suck the fun out of games and take over Dance center and have people dance in his way very regimented. So dance central Intelligence is in charge of stopping him. There sending dance crews to the past to defeat him and learn all these different crazies. One of the biggest things in the story mode and campaign is learning crazies.  This version of dance central is the most derivative choreography we’ve ever had. We have songs like the hustle you’re doing the hustle. Anything you’re doing at a wedding will kind of be there like the cupid shuffle. You’ll learn through the game which is great. We have new venues and character designs. The designs have been used to reflect the era. It has a little bit of nostalgia for people like I used to wear bell bottom pants. Which is very cool were hoping to bridge the game between generations. From younger kids who have access to a lot of great new songs like an usher track for example. Usher is also working with us we have two of his tracks in the game. One of the songs is scream which is currently on the radio. We have scream which is on the charts now. We have OMG which his team went and choreographed the song specifically for us. Usher will be making other cameos in the game as well

BBM: What are you most excited about for the new game?
Another thing we have is a party mode which is called Party Times. You can let it run at a party and a song goes to shuffle about every 30 seconds. If someone hears something they like they can just put their hand up and jump right into dancing. Its super accessible for people who aren’t good at video games or never played before can jump right in and play. Another cool thing about that is we added beginner difficulty people who may not be experience with dancing. Like say they pick a higher difficulty and out having trouble the game will automatically drop them to beginner without them noticing.  They feel like oh I’m starting to get this and have fun with it.

BBM: I like that it doesn’t put them on blast.
Yeah you’re not being told hey wow you’re doing horrible sort of like ok you’re missing a lot of moves lets help you out.  We also have throw down which is a competitive up beat mode. So this point we are the most party friendly game. We have the greatest soundtrack than any other game I would say at this point.. Also if you’ve got any dlc in the past it will show up in the game library and will be compatible with all the modes as well. The team worked really hard 

BBM: How fans are fans liking it so far?
Everyone’s excited for the game. Everyone reactions are different like we have the older crowd come around as talking about how they used to do the hustle.  We have teenagers who like to do the dougie or people who want to be silly and do the wiggle dance. Everyone loves Dance Central 3

BBM: What song are you surprised featured on Dance Central 3?
I’m not really surprised by any o them. It’s a really big budget and our team has great taste in music and beats. Its not crazy surprising some of the song but I think for me a song I’ve always wanted and was super excited was everybody by the Back Street Boys.  It needed a boy band song.

BBM: If you could add any song to the game which song would it be?
Idk like seriously they hit my boy band itch so I’m pretty ok. I probably shouldn’t say there was a song but we haven’t announced it yet. I’m going to leave it there

BBM: Where can fans get the latest news about Dance Central 3?
All of the updates on and we also have Facebook The game ships Oct 16 in the North America and everywhere else Oct 19.

BBM: What’s coming up for Harmonix in the future that your able to share?
We are always working on something right now we just launched Rock Band Blitz. I don’t know if you’ve heard it’s a downloadable title it’s for XBLA and PSN. It doesn’t require any instruments. You can use a controller and songs you get with that game work with the other games. So its like your downloading a dlc pack and getting a game along with it.

BBM: So if you have the equipment can you use it?
No itsw made specifically for controller which is cool. On top of that if you’ve downloaded any DLC in the past you can play them on Blitz. Its lets you try old song a new waya with a controller.

BBM: What’s your go to dance song?
Uhhhh.. Sexy and I know it it’s a lot of fun and silly

BBM: How can you not have fun with that song.
Exactly is so much booty popin and pelvic thrustin all kinds of silliness so I love it.

BBM: Any last words anything you want to add on?
Harmonix is awesome Dance Central 3 is the best dance game across all boards. You should go buy it if you like dance games.

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