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Joe Gibbs Rcing Nascar Interview

When we say we will feature any aspect of culture we mean it! At the convention one of Joey Loganos cars was there we sat down with Joe Gibbs Racing and asked them a few questions…
BBM: What’s your name and what do you do?
Jim Macon I do promotions for Joe Gibbs Racing for Joey Logano.
BBM: Tell us about this beautiful vehicle
What this is is a Nascar Nationwide series car. Which is one step below a spring cup series and its run nationwide. It’s run 36 races a year.
BBM: What are some of the main events this has been showcased at?
We do all types of events with convention centers. With Gamestop we actually go around to their stores in it. So there customer can come check us out
BBM: What’s the best part of your job?
Travel I get to travel Nationwide
BBM: Have you ever met the man himself Joey Logano?
oh yeah he was here last night. He loved it here he got here early so he could check out all the games.
BBM: What are some of the upcoming games your excited about?
To be honest with ya I’ve been so busy on the racing side of things I haven’t had a chance. I am excited for the new Nascar, Grand Turismo, Need 4 Speed pretty much any racing game.
BBM: Do you have any past racing experience?
Actually used to race in PA Maryland years ago now I just do promotions for them.
BBM: Any Last words anything you want to add on?
Hope everyone enjoys the convention. Its exciteing and you have a good day. Make sure you support Joey Logano

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