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Artist: Marco Mazzoni

 “Galore” 2012, colored pencils on paper, cm 40×30
Today’s artist spotlight is on Marco Mazzoni he is an incredible artist from Italy. He creates wonderful works of art with color pencils. Stunning images of Beautiful women, flowers,  and animals tell a dark and brilliant story. He is having his first American gallery November 3rd at Riq La Rue in Seattle. This is just the begging of huge things to come. I had a chance to talk with Marco and here’s the man himself…

“River of Milk”
Open October 12th 6-9pm, 98121
@ Riq La Rue
2312 2nd ave, seattle, WA
Show runs through November 3rd
All works of art in article will be at the gallery!!

“Saint Lucia” 2012, colored pencils on paper, cm 40×50
 “Leda” 2012, colored pencils on paper, cm 40×50

BBM: How’s life treating ya?
I’m quite happy about my life

BBM: What was your first major experience with art and how did you know it
was for you?
My first drawing was a cover for a punk band of my town. i was 13. was
the first time people saw a my work outside of my family.

BBM: Three words that describe your art?
always colored pencils

BBM: How would you say you style has evolved over time?
i think my style don’t evolved, my drawings have total changes.
Usually work in cycles and when the cycle is exhausted change

BBM: Some of your influences?
Depends: for the technique I rely on the masters of the past, some
artists like Ribera and Goya, for subjects take inspiration from the
ancient stories of witches

BBM: I saw you had an art gallery opening oct 3 could you give our reader
some info about it?
i have my first solo show in US with Roq La Rue Gallery on October 12.
The name of the show is “River of Milk”. I prepared the exhibition in
three sequences: the first about the pathetics, the second about the
muses and the third is a new cycle of works where i try to create a
kind of encyclopedia of Impossible animals.
BBM: What’s the name of the gallery and how did you come up with it?
i’ve had other solo shows in Europe, but is the first in US.
the name of the show born from a little sicilian story
milk is the symbol for the beginning of life and also the symbol of the mother.

River of Milk for me is like the exasperation of the love.

“The songwriter” 2012, colored pencils and pen on paper from
moleskin,  26×21 cm

BBM: Where do you find inspiration in life?
In books, i read a lot of books that speak about the politically
condition in the past centuries… and in the kitchen, I am convinced
that prepare food is the nearest thing with the drawing: set the shape
and add color to achieve the desired result

BBM: Funniest carrier moment?
my Italian gallerist Giovanni who accompanied me on my first plane
trip, made the whole trip sleeping while I was trying to don’t vomit

BBM: Most memorable moment?
see my work published in Playboy

BBM: What are some of the positive and negative things about being an artist?
The good thing is the time: you can choose how to live the time, but,
in the long run, it can also become the bad thing

BBM: How’s the art scene in your city?
In Italy we have a lot of artists and a lot of galleries; i think
there is a good scene: if you wanna do something you can have the
space for do it.

BBM: A fact a fan may not know about you?
I do not want see my face photographed

BBM: besides art what are your passions?
Beer, food and tv series

“The Protected” 2012, colored pencils and pen on paper from
moleskin,  26×21 cm

BBM: What’s currently in heavy rotation in your Ipod?
In this moment i listen Now, Now. a young band really interesting, and
Magneta Lane.

BBM: What are some words of wisdom you would give a youth wanting to be an artist?
tries to keep the weight that you had as a child

BBM: Where can fans get the latest news/ merch?
in the sites of the galleries i work with: Roq la Rue Gallery,
Jonathan Levine Gallery, Gallery B15, Bonelli Artecontemporanea and
Coates and Scarry

BBM: What’s coming up for you in the future?
a group show in San Francisco with Spoke Art, another with COrey
Helford Gallery in Los Angeles and a solo show in NY with Jonathan

BBM: Any Last words anything you want to add?
i love Walls of Jericho!

“The Mother” 2012, colored pencils and pen on paper from moleskin,  26×21 cm

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