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Michele Ruff

Michelle Ruff is a voice actress from Los  Angelas. You may know her as Rukia from Bleach some other shows she voice charters on Zatch Bell, Lupin The 3rd, Over the Hedge, Polar Express, Final Fantasy, Rave Master, Final Fantasy, and I could go on and on. I had a chance to speak with Michelle and here’s the woman herself…

BBM:  How’s life treating ya
Great!  Super busy with work which is always a plus.  

BBM:  What was your first major experience with acting and how did you know it was for you?
Interesting question because my first experience wasn’t my ahaaa moment.  My first experience was a radio spot I did an audition for in Michigan when I was going to school at Michigan State.  I used to work for a talent agency helping book talent, etc.  (Originally I thought I was going to be behind the scenes doing production work or producing, etc. so It was a perfect job for me)  and the talent director said, hey you’d be perfect for this spot, why don’t you audition.  So I went and auditioned.  A week or so later I was in the car with a friend and we heard the spot on the radio with my voice!  They had never officially booked me, they just lifted my audition and used it for the spot.  My friend was like, hey isnt that you?  So, my boss tracked the client down and that was the first official job I got paid for my time and talents for.  I really didn’t know acting and stage was for me until I was on Stage at Second City in Chicago doing a show with a group I had taken an improv class with.  It was such a blast!  That was my ahaaa, this is for me moment.  

BBM:  What was your first experience with Voice Over acting and how did it come about?
Wow, I guess I shot my wad on the previous question…guess I should’ve read all the questions first.  Please see above!  

BBM:  How did you get yourself noticed in the industry and set your self apart?
Lots of Hard work and consistency….When I walk into a job, I’m ready to be a team player. I leave my problems and my ego at the door and give 110%…every time.  I think people get that and they like to know they can count on you. 

BBM:  Of all the characters you played who do you associate most with yourself?
It’s so hard to pick!  They’re all a piece of me in some form or another.  Hmmmm….perhaps Rukia from Bleach.  She may get beaten down but she always gets back up and doesn’t let it stop her from doing what she loves.  
BBM:  You’re a women of many talents what would you say your passion is?
I have a passion for adventure and travel and new experiences…I think that’s the stuff that shapes us.  

BBM:  When taking on a new voice over role what do you do to prepare?
I have a little chat with myself in the car.  I thank God for my creative focus.  I push away any bad thoughts.  I sing, stretch out.  Do vocal warmups.  Think about what experiences I have that I can bring to the character…think about vocal placement, listen to direction from the Director and Producers and then jump in!  

BBM:  Most memorable moment?
That would have to be meeting The real original Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble from The Flintstones on the very first commercial I booked in LA for Hollywood Cocoa Pebbles.  I got to work with them in the flesh!  What a trip cause I grew up watching their show.  My agent didn’t tell me when I booked the spot so I just about pooped myself when I walked in.  Yeah, I know,  little messy.  

BBM:  What are the most rewarding and most challenging parts of being a voice over talent?
The most challenging parts are always the audition.  That’s the real work.  The reward is the gig!  It’s also really rewarding being part of a creative process and telling a story.  I love telling stories…  Also, it’s really rewarding getting so much love from all the fans.  Most of my days are spent in a sound booth behind a microphone so when someone tells me they like what I did, it really makes me happy.  
BBM:  What is the most interesting part of working as a voice actor?
Hmmmm…….probably getting to play so many different characters.  There’s never really a dull moment!  
BBM: I have to ask you’ve done so much work in video games are you a gamer? If so which games do you enjoy?
No, I’m not a gamer.  Sometimes I wish I was!  Some of the games I work on look really fun.  I guess I’m just so super busy in studio and looking at a TV screen or monitor all day  that when I want to chill out,  the last thing I think of doing is staring at a screen some more.  I have played Mario Kart on the Wii and Guitar Hero, John Madden Football…How about Centipede?  Does that count?  

BBM:  Do you have any upcoming roles in video games/ anime?
I do!  You know the drill though.  I can’t talk about stuff until it’s officially released!

BBM:  What’s in heavy rotation in your Ipod?
Foo Fighters, Gotye, Florence and the Machine, Alekesam, Beastie Boys
BBM:  Besides your carrier what are some of your hobbies?
Exercise and fitness, playing with my 2 doggies who I love more than anything, travel, shopping, guitar, decorating my house, flea markets!
food and wine…
BBM:  What are some words of wisdom you would give a youth wanting to do voice over?
study acting and improvisation…don’t ever let anyone tell you, you can’t do it…and move somewhere where theres a descent market for voice over work!

BBM:  Where do you find inspiration in life?
Oh boy, here comes the cheese….sorry in advance.  I find inspiration sparkling on the sun drenched meditteranean sea (for real, I’m not joking) .  I find it in the eyes of a good friend that I love or someone vulnerable enough to share a good story.  I find inspiration in all the amazing and talented people I work with everyday.   And there’s always the inspiration of an amazing glass of red wine!   

BBM:  What’s coming up for you in the future?
Well, I just signed with a rockin new Voice Over Agency, Atlas Talent in Los Angeles last week and things are already poppin!  I just booked my first job with them like an hour ago.  A little spoof voice over thing for The Jimmy Kimmel show.  So fun!  So I’m thinking lots of good things coming up for me in the future but just taking it a day at a time.   

BBM:  Any Last words anything you want to add?

Hell yeah!  Thank you to all the fans who continually support my work!  I always appreciate it with much much gratitude.  

I have a facebook page if anyone wants to “like” me there.  I try and check it as much as I can so if you leave a comment or want to chat I’ll try and get back with you!  It’s Michelle Ruff Voiceover Fanpage.  Hugs and Kisses!!!!!

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