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Review: Worms Revolution

Game: Worms Revolution
Platforms: Xbox 360, Ps3, Pc
Reviewed for the 360
Release Date: October 10 (out now)
Developer: Team 17
Players: 1-4

Worms is back bigger, badder, and more hilarious then ever:
When playing a puzzler game it doesn’t get much better then worms. The formula is still the same with a ton added to it. Beautiful backgrounds, great multiplayer, new characters classes, weapons  and a fresh look for campaign is what you can find in Worms Revolution.  I was instantly attracted to the level designs and background that I’ve come to love with the Worms franchise. A cool feature I want to mention early on is you will feel like a bad ass using the new ninja rope feature that gets you to inaccessible areas. I picked up the first two worms games on a Deal of the week and have never really played them. I have to say though Worms Revolution made me a believer and been going back and playing the first two. 
All Worms aren’t created equal:
One new feature to the worms universe is character classes.  Soldier (grunt), Heavy, Scout and scientist join the fun. The beautiful thing is they all play and feel different not just a pretty skin. Scouts move faster and jump farther, heavy class  move slow and don’t jump to high but are tough as nails, Scientists gives your team more health each have other features but I don’t want to ruin all the fun for you.

Worms Strike back:
For too long water has instantly killed worms but not anymore with a very fun and unique idea the plug hole. Another cool feature is the physics based water system. You can blast a hole into a pocket of water which washes over the map and with some skill luck you can take some worms out in the process. The last water based gem to hit the scene are the water based weapons are water bomb, water gun, and water strike take a little more skill but still have that satisfying feel.

And the verdict is…. 

The name says it all with this title a true revolution for a classic title I would say this title is the most solid Worms title to date. Worms Revolution brings plenty to the table and offers plenty of reasons to keep coming back. I would recommend this game to seasoned veterans of the genre and new comers a like. One thing I also want to mention is 400 gamer score for 1200 MSP what more can you ask for?!  I hope there will be some DLC for this title and the best is yet to come. One thing is for sure I walked away feeling positive and satisfied with my experience and I’m happy to know Worms will never be the same again…

Here’s to another 17 years of Worms

Why are you still reading this go get worms Revolution!!

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