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Review: Funky Smugglers

                                                                                                                                                                  Funky Smugglers
Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android
Reviewed for the Android OS, Samsung Galaxy Precedent (Straight Talk)

Release Date: October 11, 2012

Genre: Action

Publisher: 11 Bit Studios

What can be said about Funky Smugglers? From the beginning as you launch the game you get the feeling of stepping back in time into the 70’s funk era. From the intro you are introduced to G.O’ Rilla and Freddy Disco, the funky TSA agents out to rid the travelers of their banned items. 

Game play is fast paced, grab and drop items off people as they walk through the x-ray scanner. The music is addicting and keeps the pace moving while you drag your finger along to collect all the items in question, while avoiding the items that are not banned. Power ups come across the screen to help you slow down time or speed it up making it more of a challenge. 

Each stage is cleared as board the passengers minus the items that are not allowed to be taken on the plane. Grabbing acceptable items takes away from your health and causes you to get closer to the end of your play. Not acceptable items start to get harder to grab as the levels progress as they are bunched closer to the acceptable items. 

Funky Smugglers is genuinely addictive, tons of mission objectives keep you coming back for more. Funky Smugglers is kind of a meta game since you are able to compete with other players in overall challenges. You earn points in game which allow you to upgrade you game and increase its playability, so its a definite game that offers a lot of re-playability. 

Funky Smugglers is a great game at a great cost! For only $.99 you can enjoy an addictive game that gives you some fun even if you are able to play for a limited time. If you want to gain that players edge, you can spend your real money to buy most of the upgrades. For a small extra investment, you could multiply your score tenfold putting you easily in the top ranks. 

Pros: Addicting game play, great music, price, plenty of re-playability. 
Cons: like most games lately, this one has a pay to win structure. 

A strong 9.5
Review By: Joseph “Drayno” Hijar
This is his first review for Boogie Bot Monthly Welcome to the team!

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