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Artist: Joshua Boulet

I first saw Joshua Boulets work from a close friend and it was nothing what I expected! Joshua  is brilliant a variety of things can be found on his site Art, Comics, and His day to day adventures in new cities. That’s what I was intrigued by most. It’s like seeing the world through his eyes and getting to know him more than words can say.  He will be starting a Kickstarter event soon for Sketch the world: India so make sure and donate. My mind races just thinking about everything he may do in India. One thing is for sure about Joshua the skies the limit for this artist. I had a chance to speak with him recently and here’s what he had to say…

BBM: Hows life treating ya?
Great! I’m very blessed to be able to do what I love, and having you guys interview me makes me smile.


What was your first major experience with art and how did you know it was for you?

I had been drawing since a kid, but trying to figure out what to do in school, I took a life drawing class. Something clicked. I knew it was drawing, and it started with an intense love to make comic books.  


Three words that describe your art?

I don’t know.


LOVE the concept of “sketch the world”. How did this concept come about and please tell our readers about it?

Attending comic book conventions in different cities, I would always stay a couple days after the show to experience life in that city, the stays kept getting longer. I would spend the money I made at the show, and all the time I would be sketching instead of taking snapshots.


Tell out readers about “Draw Occupy Wall Street”  and where can they get their hands on this?

Draw Occupy Wall Street is about my time spent living in Zuccotti Park with the Occupy movement. This is during the NYPD raids, when the park was in full swing. I don’t take sides, I just tell what it was like to live in the park. It can be found on my website here


How long did its take you to complete “Spointz New York City” and what was the concept behind it?

5Pointz is the Graffitti Mecca of New York City. The 5Pointz crew were nice and let me draw the building. It took 3 days to complete the drawing. This was me going back three separate days setting up and drawing live on the spot- my favorite way to draw. I still remember how to get there. G train all the way to the end, court square then 5Pointz is only two blocks away.


Funniest/ Most Memorable  carrier moment?

Anytime I can inspire a young artist.



Where do I start. Everyone. Everywhere. Life. But how about DaVinci, Moebius, Manara, Mucha, Escher, Dali, Pope etc…


You have a lot of different types of projects what would you say is your passion?

Comic books. That’s why all this started. I’m still holding out that one day I’ll draw Batman.


Whats currently in heavy rotation in your IPod?

“Sir Duke” By Stevie Wonder


A fun fact a fan may not know about you?

My left leg is covered in tattoos that I did myself.


Where do you find inspiration in life?

Life. Life itself is my inspiration. I’m finding it’s the slow little moments that are most precious.


What are some words of wisdom you would give a youth wanting to be an artist?

DRAW! DRAW! Draw everyday, and DON’T EVER GIVE UP. What I do is a learned skill, I have the passion to push myself to improve.


Where can find the latest news about your work and purchase some prints/books?


Whats coming up for you in the future?

Sketch the World: India. I’ll be launching a kickstarter for help with that,.


Any Last words anything you want to add?Love

I highly encourage you to go explore his site and read about his experiences great stuff!!

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