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ILL Nino: Epidermia Review

Artist: ILL Nino

Album: Epidermia

Release: October 22nd

Label: Victory Records

This is ILL Nino’s 6th album to date and is definitely the most experimental yet. The obvious change of Epidermia is a lot lower growls and vocals. I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical but after listening to the entire album. I can’t put it down before I go to work this is what gets be ready for the day. This album is really a rebirth for Ill Nino and I wouldn’t have it any other way! There is a good balance of smooth vocals and more balls out growl and screams from Christian. Great guitar and powerful drums and bass excel. One thing that does not leave the formula is the band’s catchy chorus’s and beautiful guitar riffs. I remember talking to Christian Machado at a show in San Antonio and he told me every album they get a little bit more control from there label. I think that’s what victory records did with their 2nd album on the label. They told them do you and I’m glad they found such a good home.  Some of my Personal Favorite songs on the album are  “Forgive me Father” and “ Time wont save you”

What I love about ILL Nino you can clearly hear an evolution from album to album and they are not set in there ways. They constantly push the envelope and themselves. Revolution Revoluction was the album that defined my youth and I can’t even count the number of times I have seen them live. I love Ill Nino but make no mistake I am not a fanboy a bad album is a bad album and this is not the case. Ill Nino made an album that is true to them self’s and they shine bright in every song.  ILL Nino will defiantly be attracting to a newer crowd with their harder sound and will still appeal to the older fans.  

And the Verdict is:

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