Art, Artist Interview, interview, Juan de Dios Mora, San Antonio, UTSA

Artist: Juan de Dios Mora

Artist Statement:

I have lived in a border town (Laredo, TX) where different cultures clash and yet expressions and emotions coalesce. However here in the US, its traditions, racism, and stereotypes have introduced me to the reality of being an immigrant in a different country.

Working representationally and sometimes with the surreal I portray images of the typical Mexican-American’s life, iconography, and beliefs. My objective is to bring people together, with sentimental, satirical, sarcastic, and comical themes. I hope to evoke self-awareness and then to superimpose that awareness on the experiences of life.

Juan De Dios Mora is a brilliant artist. The pieces of art he created truly are worth a thousand words. one of my personal favorites is Atacado por los Pescados from Destitute. If your not familiar with his work it’s definitely a must see. He not only knows great success as an artist. He’s also molding the minds of future artist’s as an art instructor at UTSA. He’s having an upcoming exhibition in December in San Antonio, TX. If your in the area make sure to check out these pieces in the flesh. We will definitely be there. I had a chance to speak with Juan and here’s the man himself…

Solo Exhibition: “Laters”
Southwest School of Art | San Antonio, Texas
Dec 6, 2012 – Feb 10, 2013
Ursuline Hall Gallery, Ursuline Campus
Opening Reception: Thursday, December 6 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm 

BBM: Hows life treating ya?
Life is great. I am enjoying being an art instructor at UTSA and having shows around Texas. I hope to expand my art exhibitions beyond Texas in the near future.

BBM: What was your first major experience with Art and how did you know it was for you?
My first major experience with Art was probably in my teenage years in high school, where I came across my home towns high school. While I was checking out the facility I had heard from some of my friends that there were materials in that studio, so I asked the art teacher how much it would cost me to buy some paper? When he replied that the materials were free and that I could have some, I think this broke me loose and furthered my appreciation for Art.

BBM: You have an upcoming exhibition coming up December 6, 2012. What art will you be featuring?
The art work that will be featured Dec. 6th at Southwest School of Arts and Crafts, will be work based on the Mayan 2012 prophesy of the end of the world. The body of work will be mainly focused on people descending the earth escaping the end of the world on various means of man-made aircrafts. I don’t want to give too much because I would appreciate it if you attend and see.

BBM: Is it open to the public?
This exhibition is open to public. All are invited.

BBM: I really enjoyed Los Locos “Devices”. I loved the theme of homemade devices. Such detail went into each piece. What was the inspiration behind it?
The inspiration behind the homemade devices, goes back to my cultures resourcefulness. Their ability to bring this together and make it work sparked the inspiration in my work.

BBM: You’re Destitute series is magnificent! Some very powerful statements can be found in each work of art. Do you have a favorite?
I agree with you that every art work has a message. Out of this exhibition, my favorite would be, “The Assumption of the Immigrant”.

BBM: For Los Locos, and Destitue what materials did you use and how long did it take you to create each work?
For both works, I used linoleum. As for how long it took me to create each work, I want to estimate that each work took me about 4 to 6 weeks.

BBM: After seeing your art what message do you want people to walk away with?
When people walk away from seeing my work I want them to take the creativity and understand the symbology of the Latino culture.

BBM: How would you say your style has evolved since starting?
My style without a doubt has evolved since started back in 2007. I evolved because of my work ethics and dedication to my work. I am glad I have evolved in my art works content, technique and style.

BBM: Three words that describe your art?
Fronteño (mixture between border culture)

BBM: Where do you find inspiration in life?
I find inspiration for my work in my culture, past experiences in Mexico, the hybrid of being a Mexican American.

BBM: What was your most memorable carrier moment?
My most memorable career moment was when I graduated with my Masters Degree.

BBM: What’s currently in heavy rotation in your Ipod?
My list of favorites is norteño music, corridos, colombianas, Los Trios, among many more.

BBM: Besides art what are some of your hobbies
My hobbies are to watch the Mexican soccer league.

BBM: A fact a fan may not know about you?
Fun Fact: My kryptonite is relief.

BBM: What are some words of wisdom you would give a youth wanting to be an artist?
Words of wisdom that I would give a youth wanting to be an artist is to work hard through the obstacles to be successful.

BBM: Where can people find the latest news about your work?
People can find the latest news about my work on my website:

BBM: Any last words anything else you want to add?
I hope to see you at my show on Dec. 6th at Southwest School of Arts and Crafts.

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