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Trix ‘O’ Treat

Trix O’ Treat is a band from Thailand and they are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands. They have a very infectious sound best described as Rockabilly with a twist of Psychobilly. Trix O’ Treat brings a fresh sound to Rockabilly and Psychobilly. As you would imagine there original songs are in Thai but they definitely break the language barrier. You can also find a number of great covers on you tube ranging from Rock this Town to Woo Hoo. Make sure  to check them out and we included one of their songs  “Dreams”.  I had a chance to talk to Tooktar and here’s the woman herself…

BBM: Whats your name and what do you do for the band?
I’m Tooktar and I’m the singer and only female in this band. 
BBM: How’s life treating ya?
My life right now is great! Good being busy really. 
BBM: What was your first major experience with Rockabilly/Psychobilly and how did you know it was for you?
Our major experience was a few years ago, with probably more ten thousand viewers, we played on father’s day, which in Thailand is a big day off and celebration for our King. As for how we know that this is for us, would probably be because throughout our whole music life, we feel like this kind of music best suits us as we enjoy this kind the very most. 
BBM: Give our reader a little history on Trix ‘O’ Treat?
Myself and the bass player (Vans) left our own bands, i came from a ska band, and Vans came from a punk band. Then the both of started on psychobilly, just the two of us which went on for 4 years. Then it finally started to get serious, so we started to search for more members in the band, and we did.  After having to play with everyone for 3 years, our guitarist passed away. So we kept searching for the right new guitarist but couldn’t really find anyone who could fit with us, until we finally found our current guitarist, Watt. 
Who came up with the band name?
As for our band name, I named it, as for why? Basically you want trick or treat, but what I’m trying to say is Do you want to listen Or Not.
 BBM: Three words that describe the band?
Three words? Hey ho let’s go!
BBM: Infuences?
Band influences, reverend Horton Heat, Mad Sin, Mad Marge and the Stone Cutters, Johnny Cash, Social Distortion, and Stray Cats.
BBM: Are y’all currently working on new material?
Currently working on our album right now actually, we’ll release two new singles no later than February next year!
BBM: How would you say the sound of the band has evoloved since forming?
As for the sound of our band? I’d say over the years we’ve evolved in a few ways, before our first guitarist past away our sound was more punk rock, different to our current guitarist who has a more of a slight hint of country in it. Also, Our sound is improving more and more as our members are gaining more and more of our individual skills and also gives us more of a band signature. 
BBM: How’s the Psychobilly/Rockabilly scene in Thailand?
The rockabilly and psycobilly scene here isnt really what we hope for. Here, for alot of people is fashion, but dont listen to the music. As for other bands, no more than three, i believe again that it’s just fashion; they come and go as trend changes. 
BBM: The bands funniest touring moment?
The funniest touring moment would probably be after playing out of town, we were all pretty out and drunk, until it was really time we all had to head back home in bangkok. So we left, not knowing that all our instruments were still back there hahaa. Problem was, it isnt so close to just turn back easily, as it was another several hours long drive back, drunk!
BBM: Any plans to come to the US?
Sadly we havent got any plans to go to the US, though we’d love to make it there someday in the future, though We do have plans to go to Europe mid next year. 
Where do you find your inspiration in life?
Our inspiration in life would be nothing really; we do what we want to do, not FOLLOW what we want to do.

BBM: Whats so700ething a fan may not know about you?
Something a fan wouldn’t know?! Some people dont even know that myself and Vans are a couple, which can come up really amusing at some nights hahaha another thing is some people think I’m a lesbian, though it’s understandable because I do come off as a tomboy look. 
BBM: What are some of the bands hobbies?
For hobbies, myself would be currently taking jitterbug dancing lessons, and swiming. As for Vans, back home we’ve got a tattoo studio going on, so basically he just tattoos all day, which is going extremely well actually, and cooks. Watt teaches guitar and plays serious table tennis.  Lastly, Wit our drummer, just recently had a baby son, so its taking up practicaly all his time haha. 
BBM: What music is currently in heavy rotation?
Currently in rotation on our playlist right now is Sleepwalk by Stray Cats.
BBM: Whats coming up for the band in the future?
Something coming up soon would be a next new music video! So stay tuned. 

BBM: Any last words anything you want to add?
Stay tuned and keep track with us! We’ll make sure we’ll bring you more and more in the future. 


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