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Review: Tunnel Tail

Title: Tunnel Tail
Genre: Role Playing Game
Developer: BEST Foundation
Publisher: Schell Games
Release Date: July 30, 2012
Languages: English
Available for: App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Android app on Google play
Cost: Free

Tunnel Tail is a gem amongst the iOS games, for a free app Tunnel Tail delivers a lot of fun and playability. Help save the mice tribes from the dark forces of the Lumini who feed on the pain, suffering and hopelessness of humanity. Rescue mice who have lost their way, and save their world and ours from the impending darkness. 

The game plays like very familiar RPG’s with turn based game play, character development and exploration. You get to control the mice and level them up while upgrading their weapons and equipment. A beautifully designed game with hours of game play, and play amongst your friends with multiplayer options. By training your mice, you are able to make a more formidable burrow and help convince other mice to fight on your side to take down the Lumini. 

Tunnel Tail combat system is classic, you select your attack after your time bar fills and the mouse attacks the other, you can use different attacks to adjust the “tension” in the fight, some mice are predetermined to have an advantage with the different tensions. Rogue’s thrive for the low “green” tensions, and fighters in high “red” tensions. Play to your advantage and the opponents disadvantage by using attacks that shift tensions into your favor, a true action strategy game. 

I had my doubts with this game as it seemed like it was going to be something more like a quick play, wow was I mistaken! Tunnel Tail has so much to offer and so much I have yet to discover, definitely a game worth picking up and giving a whirl. I have been playing it for about a week and what can I say I cannot put it down. The missions are fun, and the fights are entertaining, but most of all the story is a great one!

A great game for all ages, and who can pass up something free! pick it up today on itunes or google play. 

8.5 in my book!

By: Joseph “Drayno” Hijar


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