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Interview with Heidi Van Horne

Heidi Van Horne

BBM: You are a women of many talents, what would you say is your  passion?
Thank God I don’t have to choose just one.  Film making, Photography (in front of and behind the lens), Music, Writing…  I guess, ultimately, in all avenues of my life, I am a storyteller.  I am passionate about telling a good story.
BBM: Influences?
Parker Posey, Bunny Yeager, Exene Cervenka, Katherine Hepburn, Wonder Woman, Bettie Page, Jaclyn Smith, Joan Jett …  pretty much any badass, quirky, talented, strong females.  Bonus points for brunettes.

BBM: Most memorable moment of your career?
Just one?  Hmmm…   Having celebrities as fans is always a surprise and pretty cool.  James Woods quoting things I had said in a random online pinup interview blew me away when I worked with him.  He had done his homework, I was quite impressed.

To read the full interview please click the link below!


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