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Voodou Suicide

Voodou Suicide

BBM: How’s life treating ya?
Life has been pretty amazing the past few months. I just got back from living in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia for two months. It was exhilarating, fulfilling, life-changing, bliss. I spent 6 weeks of that time in Yoga school, completing my 500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Upgrade. I can not begin to describe the amazing journey I had, externally and internally. From temple hopping, meditating in sacred temples, being loved and then subsequently bitten by a monkey, engorging myself on delicious food, playing in the sea, scooter rides through midnight jungle tunnels surrounded by giant bats, dancing to late night drums and laughing, always laughing. I feel that I have lived a whole lifetime in two months, and even though I am heartbroken to be back from the land of incense and smiles, the only feeling I have to convey are love, gratitude and thankfulness.
BBM: What was your first major experience with modeling and how did you know it was for you?
One of my best friends was an SG, when I met her I was very taken with how open she was about it, how confident she seemed and the virtues of SG that she extolled. I decided to give it a go. I got such good feedback, and so many wonderful compliments, it was a huge self esteem boost. I felt good about myself for the first time in very many years. After that first shoot, I haven’t looked back since. It has been a hell of a journey and I have definitely grown with it. I am very thankful for that first encounter, as I would not be where I am today, or have had the incredible experiences and meetings with wonderful folks from all around the world, if it were not for SG.

BBM: What are some of the positive and negative things about being a model?
Positives, self esteem boost, meeting interesting new people, booking fun shoots, visiting scenic new places, being able to go to events country wide. Being an SG has really been fun, I came for the boobs, stayed for the people. The community is a wonderful thing on the site. 
Negatives, unfortunately there are a few. Usually girls have to keep their SG life and personal life quite separated. There is still a very big taboo attached to the idea of a woman expressing herself in that way. Families, friends and coworkers can all have negative opinions on this. Another sad reason that public and private lives have to be 
kept so separate are stalkers and creepy individuals. I thankfully have not had a particularly bad experience, but I know of quite a few girls who have horror stories. Not a fun place to be, so sometimes having to juggle two separate lives, and deciding who gets to know about both of them, can be quite a task.

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