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Banane Metalic Interview

BBM: So how’s life been treating you?
Ced: To be honest 2012 was one the worst period of my life. In some words , we had a two years break with the band .During this period I worked on a musical side project “HASTA LA MUERTE”  But after a troma, my health was really bad, I had no other choice to stop all my activities. Now I’m coming back with BANANE METALIK…stronger than ever ! Music is my life, it’s my passion since I was a teenager.
BBM: Tell me about Hasta La Muerte?
Ced: It’a long time project, I was thinking about it 3 years ago. I met a musician “El bastardo” and we decided to work on this project together. My brother and other Banane Metalik members helped us to strengthen the result.
We’re coming  to spice up the musical landscape with a good dose of insanity and authenticity. Killing riffs, striking texts, voodoo rituals, cult of the dead, fiestas, sexy santa muerte, loco luchadores…  Hasta la muerte baby!!!

BBM: How did you come up with the name?
Ced: It’s weird… at the beginning it was a means to say that some people make the choice to have a rock’n’roll way of live till death. Two months after, I went to hospital just after a vocal recording session for this project.
Above all It’s a side project  to express my love for exploitation movies, undead world, cultura Mexicana de los muertos.
To be honest,  I’m tired with the fact that the dia de los muertos has become so fuckin’cool, as a fashion, a proof that you’re so rock’n’roll..
The fist time I wrote and released the song “Santa Muerta” for BANANE METALIK ( in 2003 ), my friends didn’t understand  my love for this universe . Ten years after, they wear mexican  tshirts, the girls did santa muerte make-up, the boys have luchadores tattoos… However a lot of people really likes this universe, so I started with this name and I will keep it.

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