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Model Interview: Buellher Suicide

Buellher Suicide

BBM: How’s life treating ya? 
BS: Great! Life and I have an agreement to be kind to each other.
BBM: What was your first major experience with modeling and how did you know it was for you?
BS: I was in a book and exhibit. It wasn’t the first major gig but it was the first tangible gig. Made it feel very real. I felt very vulnerable and proud. Attending the exhibit was interesting because I could observe everyone’s reactions. Modeling isn’t a career for me. Its another creative outlet.
BBM: Give our readers a little history about yourself: 
BS: Grew up with bikers and babes in the bay area. Not much has changed. 
BBM: Besides modeling what are some of your passions? 
BS: I love to paint, draw and take photos… I am a hairstylist. So that is definitely one passion. I also love to teach. I am constantly learning and teaching.
BBM: Any upcoming or recently completed shoots you’re excited about?

BS: An artist collaborative book. Babes and Monsters something along those lines

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Interview with Heidi Van Horne

Heidi Van Horne

BBM: You are a women of many talents, what would you say is your  passion?
Thank God I don’t have to choose just one.  Film making, Photography (in front of and behind the lens), Music, Writing…  I guess, ultimately, in all avenues of my life, I am a storyteller.  I am passionate about telling a good story.
BBM: Influences?
Parker Posey, Bunny Yeager, Exene Cervenka, Katherine Hepburn, Wonder Woman, Bettie Page, Jaclyn Smith, Joan Jett …  pretty much any badass, quirky, talented, strong females.  Bonus points for brunettes.

BBM: Most memorable moment of your career?
Just one?  Hmmm…   Having celebrities as fans is always a surprise and pretty cool.  James Woods quoting things I had said in a random online pinup interview blew me away when I worked with him.  He had done his homework, I was quite impressed.

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Suzi Rubbish

Suzi Rubbish by Obscuri 
Photo: Obscuri
Special FX makeup: Derek Mick

Suzi Rubbish is a model and artist from San Antonio, Tx. You can get lost in her images they are created beautifully with elaborate backgrounds and stunning expressions. She is all the face of Gore Noir and San Antonio’s own Creeping Beauty Inc. Best of all she is the first model to be featured on Boogie Bot Monthly :]!! Something tells me 2013 is going to be a very busy year for this bombshell. I had the opportunity to interview Suzi and here’s the woman herself…

BBM: How’s life treating ya?
Life couldn’t be better, thanks!

BBM: What was your first major experience with modeling and how did you know it was for you?

One of my friends sold vintage lingerie and asked if I’d pose in a few pieces so she could list them in her Ebay store. I had never done anything like that before, but had always wanted to model so I agreed to do it. She was already an accomplished model, so she coached me on how to pose to best show off the clothes and we basically goofed off for a couple of hours! It was kind of a jumping off point for both of us, she was just starting her career behind the camera and I was startingmine in front of it. I’m honored that I was one of the first people she ever shot. Now she’s one of the most sought after alternative photographers in the country! I got to shoot with her for the first time in years this summer, let’s just say we’ve both come a long way!

BBM: Give our readers a little history about you:

In middle school and high school I excelled in vocal performance and dreamed of being an opera singer. I also competed in Arabian horse shows and went on to win many Regional and National titles as a youth competitor. Once I got to college extenuating circumstances forced me to give up both of my passions. I was beyond devastated. There was a huge void in my life after losing the things that I’d worked so hard for and loved for so long. I had always been interested in modeling, but never really had the time between work, school, singing, and horseback riding. With my new found free time I decided to make modeling my new passion! I’m not tall enough for conventional modeling and by that time already had too many visible tattoos, so I looked into the alternative modeling community and fell in love with the artistic nature of alternative modeling.

SuziRubbish reflection by Vanessa Velazquez
Photo: Vanessa Velazquez
MUA: Creeping Beauty Inc.

BBM: One reason you’re a model?
I love to create art!

BBM: What are some of the companies you model for?

I have had the honor of modeling for some amazing local clothing designers; Jupiter Moon 3, Mikailee Alton, Aaron Garcia, and Anthony Alvarado. I’ve also modeled hair accessories and jewelry for Crypt Keeper Creations, Creeping Beauty Inc., Kitten Vixen Fashion Boutique, Pure Luck Designs, and The Kat’s Meow. I’ve participated in runway fashion shows in SA Fashion Week, Paul Mitchell hair shows, and makeup shows including RAW Artists SA events. I am currently the Official Face of Creeping Beauty Inc. as well as the Official Face of Gore noir Magazine after recently winning the title of Miss Gore Noir 2013.

SuziRubbish Misfit by Ty A. Gomez (San Antonio,TX)
Photo: Ty A. Gomez

BBM: What are some positive and negative things about being a model?
The positive aspects of modeling far outweigh the negatives in my eyes. I’ve been blessed with some great experiences overall! Like most models I have had a few negatives, I’ve shot with some creeps with cameras and gotten occasional hate mail from jerks with too much time on their hands. The best thing about modeling by far is getting all gussied up! When I was a child my Gran and I would play beauty shop together all the time! We’d do each others hair and makeup and wear her fancy dresses and high heels around the house! It was one of my favorite things to do, and I’m lucky enough to still get to do it all the time as an adult! I love the whole process of getting primped for a shoot. It’s amazing to see the art that can be made when you get the right team of people involved in the creative process. There have been times when I sit down in the makeup chair feeling frumpy and homely, but by the time I see the finished look I’ve been completely transformed. You can’t beat that feeling!

BBM: What would be your dream modeling gig?
Wow, that’s a tough one! I’d really love to start tattoo modeling! It would be a dream come true to be a featured model in Inked Magazine some day. I still have a ton of tattoo work I want to get done before I branch out into serious tattoo modeling though.

BBM: Funniest/ most memorable career moment?
SuziRubbish, AustinValentine 

SidandNancy  by Redrum Collaboration

Photo: Redrum Collaboration
MUA/Hair: The Vanity Makeup Studio
Corset: Jupiter Moon 3
Male Model: Austin Valentine
I don’t know that I’ve necessarily had a funniest moment, but I fall down or come really close to it at nearly every shoot I do! I am the least graceful person on the face of the planet, so shoots are always fun with me! That said I’ve never fallen at a live event, appearance, or runway show! Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself! I think the most memorable so far is a tie, this year I became the Official Face of two companies, Creeping Beauty Inc. and Gore Noir magazine! Truly exciting stuff!!!
BBM: What’s currently in heavy rotation in your ipod?
I’m a huge fan of punk music, particularly older punk. I’ve been addicted to my “Punky Bruiser” playlist for months. It’s got some great stuff on it; The Vandals, Propagandhi, Anti-flag, Operation Ivy, Rancid, Goldfinger, Against All Authority, Dead Kennedys, AFI, The Misfits, The Casualties, The Ramones, Less than Jake, Alkaline Trio, NOFX, Against Me!, Black Flag, Dead To Me, Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards, The Distillers, Bad Religion, Lagwagon… there have to be about 100 bands on that playlist, but those are some of my favorites. Oh! And Periphery, the odd men out since they’re totally not punk, but they’re so phenomenal that they make it onto EVERY playlist I create.
SuziRubbish by Redrum Collaboration
Photo: Redrum Collaboration
MUA/Hair: The Vanity Makeup Studio
Dress: Mikailee Alton
Corset: Jupiter Moon 3
Head Piece: Crypt Keeper Creations

BBM: A fact a fan many not know about you?
SuziRubbish Eating Darbi 
by Vanessa Valazquez
Photo: Vanessa Velazquez
MUA for both models: Creeping Beauty Inc.
Dress: Mikailee Alton
Female Model: Darbi
Tablescape/setting: Creep This Collaboration
I am addicted to shoes! I absolutely love them! I buy new shoes all the time and am convinced they will
eventually lead to me being poor, perhaps even homeless. The funny thing is that I have an irrational fear of feet! I know it’s ridiculous, but I’m truly terrified of them. My friends are all extremely amused by this fun little fact, and love to mess with me.

BBM: Besides modeling what are some of your other passions?
First and foremost my family, I am so blessed to have a beautiful daughter and supportive husband. I love to sing and would one day like to front a band! I enjoy making clothing and also upcycling/customizing existing pieces of my wardrobe. I paint in my spare time and have been working on a serial killer series of paintings for several months. I love Halloween and have had a lifelong passion for all things dark, spooky, and horror related! I have a killer Living Dead Doll collection.
BBM: What’s a long term career goal?
My only goal is to keep learning about my craft and to continue to grow as an artist! I actually consider modeling more of a life experience than a career. I don’t want to be a famous super model or anything. I really just want to be able to look back when I’m old and wrinkly and say that I did something for the sheer love of it!
BBM: First concert you ever went to?

SuziRubbish JM3 Corset by Raven Red
Photo: Raven Red
Corset: Jupiter Moon 3
MUA: Christine Eakin
My first concert was New Kids on the Block when I was a little kid. I was so young that I hardly remember it, so I guess it really doesn’t count. When I was 15 I got to see the Toadies at Sneakers! One of my friends had an older brother whose band was opening for them that night and he got us in. Looking back I’m amazed that we didn’t get kicked out! We were so young, didn’t even have fake IDs, and it was our first time in a bar. We must have stuck out like sore thumbs!
BBM: What was the last good movie you saw?

I’m a huge fan of Tim Burton! I love everything he does! I got to see Frankenweenie 3D a few months ago and it was totally amazing, it even made me cry!

BBM: What’s coming up for you in the future?
SuziRubbish by Raven Red 
Photo: Raven Red
I’m currently working on some really exciting things for the New Year! I can’t spoil any surprises by going overboard with details, but I will be collaborating with some truly badass designers and photographers! Also, expect to see me popping up in many more publications including; magazine features, magazine covers, calendars, and even a book or two!!!

BBM: Where can fans find out the latest news?

Facebook: Mayhem:

BBM: Any last words anything you want to add?

I just want to thank your followers for taking the time to read this and get to know me! I’d also like to thank my fans for all of their continued support!
SuziRubbish by Vipanius (San Antonio,TX)
Photo: Vipsanius Photography
Corset: Jupiter Moon 3
Styling: Jessie Page Ramirez