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Matisyahu interview

BBM: How’s life treating you?
Matisyahu: Uhh its okay, life is good.

BBM: What was your first major experience with music and how did you know it was for you?
Matisyahu: It’s hard to pinpoint it to one experience; as far back as I can remember music has been a big part of my life. When I was 16 I went to a FISH concert and dropped LSD for the first time. That was the moment I knew music was the core of my being.

BBM: Very cool, I remember reading about that. Then you started following them on tour. Let’s talk about your acoustic EP, what made you want to release it?
Matisyahu: Well I’ve done a lot of acoustic shows over the years and were also doing an acoustic tour. I really enjoy them. It’s a little more involved and passionate then some of the past few tours I’ve done. We enjoy them and it gives me a chance to play for the people on a personal level. The show consists of a cello and two guitars and I’ve recorded these live over the past six months.

BBM: There are a lot of great things you’re doing. Part of the proceeds of the Happy Hanukah cover song is being donated to the Hurricane Relief Fund.  Where can fans purchase this song?
Matisyahu: Online at as well as ITunes and Facebook.

BBM: Three words that describe your music?
Matisyahu: What about 3 syllables? I mean 4.

BBM: Sounds good

Matisyahu: Undescribable

To read the full interview click here


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A rock band with punk energy and pop reggae grooves, Baltimore’s BALLYHOO! are a fun, fan-loving powerhouse. These road dogs have tirelessly toured coast-to-coast taking their music to the people. Between the road and the studio, BALLYHOO! have crafted a sound distinctly their own; fresh, fun, and embodied by the soul of the party lifestyle. Lead singer and guitarist, Howi Spangler, has a reputation for mixing slick lyrics with his smooth but powerful voice. Drummer Donald “Big D” Spangler lays out the hard-hitting beats, which are underlined by JR Gregory’s funky and witty bass lines. Scott Vandrey (aka DJ Blaze) rounds it out on the turntables and keys.

-From there official bio

BBM: Whats your name and what do you do for the band?
my names Howi Spangler and I’m the singer and guitarist for Ballhoo!

BBM: How’s life treating you?
It’s good just nice to be home. This past year we did a lot of regional touring and right now were playing locally. We’re not doing too much right now just staying home to enjoy the holidays. It’s been a crazy year…

BBM: Yeah this year has been incredibly busy for Ballhoo! It’s the first year y’all played the entire Warped Tour. How was that?
We all had a really great time and it kept us on our toes as far as self-promotion. Pretty shameless as well we had to really get out there and put our shit in front of the kids face and make them want to buy it and make come see us play on stage. It was really hot and sweaty you know a lot of sunburned it was a great experience.

BBM: Any funny or memorable Warped Tour moments you care to show?
Nothing too crazy I remember in Phoenix we all almost died on stage it was so fucking hot. The kids where dropping like flies the EMS station was behind our stage. I saw kids all day being taken in gurneys and hooked up to IV’s for hydration.  

BBM: Let’s take it back a little bit. What was your first major experience with music and how did you know it was for you?
The first time I saw Rat and Poison when I was six years old. My dad took me to see the show and they were really big at that point. I don’t know what it was I just saw everything going on it was a dark arena, people screaming and singing the songs, and all the lights on stage. Big loud music and the guys where dressed up and had make up idk it just looked like a lot of fun. I felt like that’s something I want to do. My dad always had me with him and he was in bands I just kept it going from there. When I played my first show it really solidified it. We opened with a Green Day song and I was like “okay this is it!”.

BBM: Give our readers a little history on Balllyhoo! Who came up with the band’s name?
We formed in the summer of 95 and the name came from one of our good friends. He was like call the band Ballyhoo. In my head it sounded iconic, big, and colorful it kind of stuck. We had nothing else to work with and I put the explanation on our first show flier and still rocking it today.

BBM: 17 years now how would you say the sound of the band has evolved?
It started very pop punk and then about a year into that I started mixing ska and reggae into the punk. I discovered bands like Gold Finger, Suicide Machines, and Sublime and we would mess around with street rock or acoustic. That’s how we found our genre…

BBM: Three words that describe the band?
Fun, Party, Sex

BBM: (laughs) speaking of which you’re going to be on the 311 Cruise again in 2013. How was 2012’s cruise? It sounds like a nonstop party.
Pretty much whatever you thought it was that. We were down in the Bahamas and we were nowhere no self-service or internet. It was wild all the people on board where positive. Good kind heart loving people that really took us in. It really made us famous in the 311 community and it was just a really good show. A great experience all around we got to party on an island for 2 days

BBM: Lots of great opportunities have been coming up for Ballhoo! Couldn’t happen to nicer guys y’all are great. Are you currently recording any new material?
Thank you! I’m always writing but I started aggressively writing right before Warped tour. I was writing stuff in the winter this past year but it started heavy in warped tour. I was really inspired and soaked up the music just music all the time. There was a lot of down time at night so I had my Ipad and recorded demos you know.

Besides Warped Tour where do you find inspiration in life?
Just life itself man I take notice of things that happen. People let the day go by and are stuck in a routine. I’m not saying that I’m not in a routine I just take notice. I realize the routine and try to put a spin on it. That’s how I write a lot of material it makes for great stories and great songs.

BBM: The bands were around for a long time now. What are some words of wisdom you would give a youth wanting to be in a band?
I think it’s a great idea for anyone to start a band. It doesn’t matter whether you want to do it for a couple of months or the rest of your life. It’s so much fun and if it’s something you want to be serious about. Take it as far as it can go that means there’s going to be a lot of sacrifice and you’re going to have to pick up a lot of things. Big house’s and expensive cars don’t come right away you have to live low and put all that many into the band. Don’t wait around the labels don’t come out like they used to in the 90’s but in a way now its all about doing it independently.  Just do what you want and don’t let people stifle you go out with a positive approach.

BBM: Your favorite place to tour and why?
Florida, it was one of the first places we started going and there great shows with lots of energy. It’s warm and you can get there pretty easily where 14 hours away. The gas usage isn’t that big compared to going around the entire country.

BBM: I’m sure it was epic with the Bus?
Yeah it wasn’t too bad because of a diesel engine but its going to be the gas bill for the entire year?

BBM: What are some of your hobbies when you’re not busy?
Write songs and make beats. I do a lot of artistic things I fuck around with computers I’m a geek. The other guys play Xbox…

BBM: What’s currently in heavy rotation in your record player?
Old stuff I haven’t heard in a while. I checked out the latest EP from Rome lots of good songs. I’m always stopping on UB40 and the Green Day albums.

BBM: Where can fans find the latest news and get some merch?
Facebook ( has all our info and has a link to our online store.

BBM: Any other news you care to share?
Where doing the Cali Roots festival in May 2013.

BBM: So far a great start for 2013! Any last words?
Thanks to everyone supporting us over the past couple of years!!
Click on pic to go to Ballhoo! official site
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Trix ‘O’ Treat

Trix O’ Treat is a band from Thailand and they are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands. They have a very infectious sound best described as Rockabilly with a twist of Psychobilly. Trix O’ Treat brings a fresh sound to Rockabilly and Psychobilly. As you would imagine there original songs are in Thai but they definitely break the language barrier. You can also find a number of great covers on you tube ranging from Rock this Town to Woo Hoo. Make sure  to check them out and we included one of their songs  “Dreams”.  I had a chance to talk to Tooktar and here’s the woman herself…

BBM: Whats your name and what do you do for the band?
I’m Tooktar and I’m the singer and only female in this band. 
BBM: How’s life treating ya?
My life right now is great! Good being busy really. 
BBM: What was your first major experience with Rockabilly/Psychobilly and how did you know it was for you?
Our major experience was a few years ago, with probably more ten thousand viewers, we played on father’s day, which in Thailand is a big day off and celebration for our King. As for how we know that this is for us, would probably be because throughout our whole music life, we feel like this kind of music best suits us as we enjoy this kind the very most. 
BBM: Give our reader a little history on Trix ‘O’ Treat?
Myself and the bass player (Vans) left our own bands, i came from a ska band, and Vans came from a punk band. Then the both of started on psychobilly, just the two of us which went on for 4 years. Then it finally started to get serious, so we started to search for more members in the band, and we did.  After having to play with everyone for 3 years, our guitarist passed away. So we kept searching for the right new guitarist but couldn’t really find anyone who could fit with us, until we finally found our current guitarist, Watt. 
Who came up with the band name?
As for our band name, I named it, as for why? Basically you want trick or treat, but what I’m trying to say is Do you want to listen Or Not.
 BBM: Three words that describe the band?
Three words? Hey ho let’s go!
BBM: Infuences?
Band influences, reverend Horton Heat, Mad Sin, Mad Marge and the Stone Cutters, Johnny Cash, Social Distortion, and Stray Cats.
BBM: Are y’all currently working on new material?
Currently working on our album right now actually, we’ll release two new singles no later than February next year!
BBM: How would you say the sound of the band has evoloved since forming?
As for the sound of our band? I’d say over the years we’ve evolved in a few ways, before our first guitarist past away our sound was more punk rock, different to our current guitarist who has a more of a slight hint of country in it. Also, Our sound is improving more and more as our members are gaining more and more of our individual skills and also gives us more of a band signature. 
BBM: How’s the Psychobilly/Rockabilly scene in Thailand?
The rockabilly and psycobilly scene here isnt really what we hope for. Here, for alot of people is fashion, but dont listen to the music. As for other bands, no more than three, i believe again that it’s just fashion; they come and go as trend changes. 
BBM: The bands funniest touring moment?
The funniest touring moment would probably be after playing out of town, we were all pretty out and drunk, until it was really time we all had to head back home in bangkok. So we left, not knowing that all our instruments were still back there hahaa. Problem was, it isnt so close to just turn back easily, as it was another several hours long drive back, drunk!
BBM: Any plans to come to the US?
Sadly we havent got any plans to go to the US, though we’d love to make it there someday in the future, though We do have plans to go to Europe mid next year. 
Where do you find your inspiration in life?
Our inspiration in life would be nothing really; we do what we want to do, not FOLLOW what we want to do.

BBM: Whats so700ething a fan may not know about you?
Something a fan wouldn’t know?! Some people dont even know that myself and Vans are a couple, which can come up really amusing at some nights hahaha another thing is some people think I’m a lesbian, though it’s understandable because I do come off as a tomboy look. 
BBM: What are some of the bands hobbies?
For hobbies, myself would be currently taking jitterbug dancing lessons, and swiming. As for Vans, back home we’ve got a tattoo studio going on, so basically he just tattoos all day, which is going extremely well actually, and cooks. Watt teaches guitar and plays serious table tennis.  Lastly, Wit our drummer, just recently had a baby son, so its taking up practicaly all his time haha. 
BBM: What music is currently in heavy rotation?
Currently in rotation on our playlist right now is Sleepwalk by Stray Cats.
BBM: Whats coming up for the band in the future?
Something coming up soon would be a next new music video! So stay tuned. 

BBM: Any last words anything you want to add?
Stay tuned and keep track with us! We’ll make sure we’ll bring you more and more in the future. 

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The Creepshow

The Creepshow is a Psychobilly band from Burlington, Ontario, Canada. I have been a fan of the group since its birth in 2005. They’ve brought me a lot of joy and memories over the years. Many influences can be heard and for good reason each member has a different and diverse background. It all combines to make a very infectious sound. One thing is for sure The Creepshow is more than just a Psychobilly band. I feel this will be the next band to put Psychobilly on the map in a big way. I’m eagerly anticipating the new album and can’t wait to see them live. If you’re not familiar with Psychobilly The Creepshow is a great Jumping in Point.  I had a chance to speak with Reverend Mcginty and here’s the man himself…

BBM: What’s your name and what do you do for the band?
I’m the Reverend McGinty, and I play the organ.

BBM: How did you first get into Psychobilly  and what inspired you to start a band?
I had been listening to a few Psycho bands but I didn’t even know there was a name for what they were doing, I just thought it was punk rock with an upright bass! A few other friends of mine were into it too and were doing the scene so we thought we’d have a little fun and see what happened. We never thought we’d come as far as we have.

BBM: Give me a little history on the group when did you form and how did you come up with the name?
We recorded a two song demo in mid-2005 and played our first shows around Halloween that year. The response we go was great, so we wrote an album and started touring Canada. I wish there was a better story about the name,…but we really just thought it was cool. That’s it! Haha! I didn’t even like it at first, but it really grew on me.

BBM: Tell us about the new album your working on?
We’ve got a LOT of old and new material to work with so we’re excited to give the fans a taste of our vintage vibe as well as giving them a new twist on things. Our new singer Kenda has already written a song that’s PERFECT for our sound, so I’m really excited.

BBM: When can we expect it?
We hope to have it out by May or June of 2013,…assuming we don’t get stopped by the apocalypse in December,…so fingers crossed!

BBM: How would you say the sound has changed from when the band first started?
I’d say very subtly,…we always want to do new things and not become stagnant in our sound but I think on the whole we’ve managed not to piss off our fans by getting too experimental. We always sound like us, but I haven’t got bored yet!

BBM: If you could change one thing about the album what would it be?
As with every album, we recorded the last one in a short amount of time because we were so busy touring. When you write and record songs so fast it’s hard to cram everything in that it needs before it has to be done. So there’s a lot of moments of “Shit, I wish I’d put something in there”, or “Ugh, that could’ve been cooler with a different riff”. But I’m still proud of all of our work, so I can’t really complain.

BBM: Where do you find inspiration from life?
EVERYWHERE! Hahaha! Especially since we’ve toured so much, it’s hard not to come up with great stories. We’ve met so many great people and played with so many great bands. We’ve been really lucky: I wrote the lyrics to Rue Morgue Radio in a Bed and Breakfast in small-town Germany. It was the perfect spot to be on my own to inspire that kind of song.

BBM: Three words that describe the band?
Entertaining, adorable,…mysterious!

BBM: Funniest Touring Moment?
How dare you make me pick?! Haha! Well, on our current tour across Canada someone from the opening band who I won’t name (Reggie from the Fundamentals) got really drunk and decided to run across the stage and jump off the front to crowd surf,…BUT managed instead to crash into the drum set and completely dismantle it! Amazing.

BBM: Any plans to come to the lone star state (tx)
Of COURSE, my friend! It’s been too long, I miss Texas BBQ! We’ve made a LOT of friends in your state, and our fans there are some of the best. And as Canadians we’ve really been impressed by your southern hospitality. As soon as the new album’s done hold onto your hats!,…we’re heading south of the border! Well, OUR border, that is.

BBM: How’s the scene in Canada?
The scene in Canada is amazing! We toured Canada twice before we ever came to the U.S. or Europe. The fans here have made us what we are today, and have given us a strength to go to other countries and show them what Canadian music is all about!

BBM: The Creepshow have been around for 7 years now how would you say the scene is different compared to first starting?
We’ve started to get a much wider collection of fans. Our first shows were all attended by Rockabillies and Psychobillies, but now we have a whole new group to join them of punk rockers, mods and emo kids. It’s nice to see such a different array of people all in one venue.

BBM: A fact that fans don’t know about you?
I can eat my weight in Poutine (a French-Canadian delicacy) and can lift two of my band mates off the ground at once.

BBM: What are some words of wisdom you would give a youth who wants to start a Psychobilly band?
Listen to as many different song writers that you can get your ears on! If you can’t write decent songs, no one is going to care how fast you can slap your bass.

BBM: What’s coming up for the band in the future?
Before we record the new album, it looks like we’re going to South Africa for a few shows, and then opening for NOFX in Montréal on new years eve. After we record the album, we’re going to hit the road across Canada, the U.S. and Europe. So get ready!

BBM: Where can someone pick up the latest album and merch?
Go to:, or

BBM: Any last words anything you want to add?
Don’t mess with Texas. Seriously, don’t.

BBM: On a side note I just wanted to say I’ve been a fan since the band
formed and am glad to see so much success for the band! Thank you for
the interview.

Well thank you, and thank you! It’s been fun. See you soon.

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The Pagan Dead

When you think of Salt Lake City, UT you don’t think about Psychobilly. One of the hardest bands of the genre emerges from SLC. The Pagan Dead have been around since 2000 and will soon be releasing there 3rd album. You can hear a heavy Metal influence in there sound as well as other influences. Its been a long time since the band released a new album so I’m glad to heard they are still going strong. Keep your eyes on there page for more information on the band as we eagerly await the release of the “The One of the Black Goatskin”. I had a chance to speak with Muerto and here’s the man in his own words…

BBM: Whats your name and what do you do for the band?
My name is Patrick also known as Hades or Muerto. Upright Bass, Vocals, and Songwriter
BBM: Hows life treating ya?
Life has been extremely busy for the last couple of years but it has been good.
BBM: How did you come up with the bands name Pagan Dead?
The name comes from the Samhain song entitled Samhain. “Autumn’s cold brings the Pagan Dead who seek the warmth of the Samhain fires.” We did a cover version of the song on our first album and it was one of the first songs we started playing together as a band.
BBM: What was your first major experience in music and what made you want to be in a psychobilly band?
I first played bass in a couple of rockabilly bands in my late teens/early twenties. Playing rockabilly was a good experience but I wanted to start something where I could express other interests so I formed the Pagan Dead and began writing songs. The Pagan Dead has never been just a psychobilly band. We have always crossed over into metal, and this has steadily progressed with each release.
BBM: Three words that describe the band?
Primeval. Vehement. Chthonic.
BBM: I heard the unmasterd track and its killer! Tell our readers about the album?
We have a new album coming out soon that we’ve been working on for quite a few years now. It has 8 songs and is about an hour long. It is concept album dealing with a Sorcerer’s magickal workings, which lead him to the Sabbath of the Sorcerers. Each song represents and depicts a different formula, rite, ceremony, initiation, etc. the culmination of which is the dreaded Sabbath where the Sorcerer becomes the God and is rent asunder. His flesh and blood partaken of as a sacrament. We have a preview track up on YouTube for listeners to check out.
BBM: What’s the name of the album and how did you come up with it?
The name of our new album is “The One of the Black Goatskin”, which is also the title of the final song on the album. It is an epithet of Bacchus and the song is a hymn unto him. It depicts the Bacchanalia as the Sabbath of the Sorcerers. The major influence for the song was Frazer’s Golden Bough.
BBM: How would you say the sound of this album has evolved compared to past work?

Our sound has evolved considerably on this album, especially with the addition of our new guitar players—Rocker and Alejandro. Both of whom are excellent guitar players and this is our first album to feature 2 guitar players which makes the songs more dynamic with harmonies and amazing guitar solos. The sound is darker, heavier, more dynamic, and has progressed further towards metal.  I took a different approach to the songwriting process and with the help and input of the rest of the members of the band it had a great impact on the end result of each song.

BBM: When/where can people get their hands on it?
We don’t have a date set as of now. We’re working on getting it out early in 2013. Possibly January. We will have a CD release show here in Salt Lake City which will be the first place people will be able to get there hands on the new album. Then we will have it for sale digitally and through the website shortly thereafter.
BBM: How would you say the psychobilly scene had changed since forming?
Here in Salt Lake City the psychobilly scene is practically non-existent and I would say we are fairly out of touch with how the scene is in other parts of the world. It seems like it has died down considerably from when the band formed. There used to be a lot more going on out in California as far as festivals and big shows.
BBM: Funniest touring moment?
I think I could answer the question better as a most memorable tour moment rather than funniest, which would have to be the day after one of our shows in Browsville out on a beach in the gulf of Mexico with a bottle of mescal, a bottle of anejo, a cooler full of beer, a huge bonfire, fire walking and shooting a handgun at a metal garbage can.
BBM: Favorite place to tour and why?
Our favorite place to tour is probably Austin and Brownsville Texas. Great crowd, great friends, and a great time after the show!
BBM: Where do you find inspiration in life?
I find inspiration from books, music, poetry, nature, magick, meditation and other mystical practices, and from the gods…

BBM: A fact a fan may not know about you?
I am a ceremonial magician and a yogi and am currently in teacher training to become a certified Yoga teacher. I am also an avid owner of the American Pit Bull Terrier. I currently have 4 dogs that are all named after gods and goddesses.
BBM: What’s in heavy rotation in your ipod?
Anything and everything by Brown Bird has been in heavy rotation for quite some time now.
BBM: What are some words of wisdom you would give a youth wanting to start a psychobilly band?
As with everything in life, if you put your will into it you will succeed. Where there is a will there is a way. Don’t let anything or anybody get in your way.
BBM: Besides the album whats coming up for the future?
As of now we don’t have any other plans for the future. I am starting a new project and will probably mainly focus on that for now. We’ll see what the future holds.

BBM: Where can fans get merch and the latest news on the band?
We should have some new merch made up for the CD release and we will be updating our website and will have some for sale on there again. Best place for latest news will be on the website once its updated or on our Facebook page.
BBM: Any last words anything you want to add?
For some last words how about a quote of some lyrics off the upcoming album? “Cast out of a dying womb a God without form, and from the lightning’s fire the daemon is reborn…”

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ILL Nino: Epidermia Review

Artist: ILL Nino

Album: Epidermia

Release: October 22nd

Label: Victory Records

This is ILL Nino’s 6th album to date and is definitely the most experimental yet. The obvious change of Epidermia is a lot lower growls and vocals. I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical but after listening to the entire album. I can’t put it down before I go to work this is what gets be ready for the day. This album is really a rebirth for Ill Nino and I wouldn’t have it any other way! There is a good balance of smooth vocals and more balls out growl and screams from Christian. Great guitar and powerful drums and bass excel. One thing that does not leave the formula is the band’s catchy chorus’s and beautiful guitar riffs. I remember talking to Christian Machado at a show in San Antonio and he told me every album they get a little bit more control from there label. I think that’s what victory records did with their 2nd album on the label. They told them do you and I’m glad they found such a good home.  Some of my Personal Favorite songs on the album are  “Forgive me Father” and “ Time wont save you”

What I love about ILL Nino you can clearly hear an evolution from album to album and they are not set in there ways. They constantly push the envelope and themselves. Revolution Revoluction was the album that defined my youth and I can’t even count the number of times I have seen them live. I love Ill Nino but make no mistake I am not a fanboy a bad album is a bad album and this is not the case. Ill Nino made an album that is true to them self’s and they shine bright in every song.  ILL Nino will defiantly be attracting to a newer crowd with their harder sound and will still appeal to the older fans.  

And the Verdict is:

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If you are a fan of Psychobilly and have never heard of the Klingonz you may have been living under a rock! They are a legendary band who help make the genre what it is today. Klingonz was the first Psychobilly band I heard and life has never been the same since then. We are in the era of Klingonz-Klownz and it looks like an amazing live show.  I can’t wait to catch them in the U.S.A. in the near future and you should too. One things for sure these are the guys I want to party with!! They are currently celebrating 25 years of success and have many more years to go. Make sure to check them out if you haven’t already.  I had a chance to speak with Titch and here’s the man himself… 

For more info on Klingonz-Klowns please see:

BBM: Whats your name and what do you do for the band? 
My name is Titch and I’m the lead singer/screamer 

BBM: How’s life treating ya? 
Pretty good it’s the bands 25th anniversary and we have been doing a lot of shows to celebrate it so we’ve been having a lot of fucked up fun

BBM: What was your first major experience and how did you know Psychobilly Was for you?
The band grew up together in Dublin as teddy boys and we always talked about getting a band together..when psychobilly came along it was a natural progression for us to get into it and we were hooked from the very beginning…we still are

BBM: Who named the band and how did they come up with it? 
Honestly I can’t remember who actually came up with the name as we were all pissed at the time but the name is cross between a fucked up version of star trek clingons and the dry shit that sometimes  hangs from the hair on your arsehole

BBM: In the year 2001 a Worm hole opened causing a rift in time meant the Klingonz could travel back to Earth. I’m glad the band returned did it feel good to reunite and how did it come about?
We were all working on side projects at the time and the band never really split up we just had a break to explore other musical influences that we all personally had…..we will never split up we love it too much

BBM: When did the Klingonz-Klownz Change occur and how did it come about? 
We have been dressing up wearing costumes and going through different phases since the band first started as we like to give a fucked up visual experience as well as fucked up rock ‘n’ roll..we were on the road pissed (as usual)when we started thinking about the klown change we decided to get a bona fide clown to add to the madness and because it’s been such a success we then decided to enlist a dwarf and it’s all working out really well so I reckon the klown phase will be around for a while HONK HONK!!!!!

BBM: Being such a diverse band, who are some of your influences?
Our influences are anything musically from early rock ‘n’ roll and garage to modern punk and oi and of course psychobilly and visually anything that looks remotely bizarre/sick/fucked up/abnormal ha ha

BBM: The Klingonz-klownz looks like a lot of fun to be around, Funniest touring moment?
I couldn’t pick just one moment I would need to write a book of good times..We are all good mates and it’s always  krazy  on the road..Ask anyone whose had the pleasure or pain depending on how they viewed it ha ha

BBM: It’s an honor to be able to interview such an iconic band of Psychobilly. What’s one of your most memorable touring moment? 

See above mate it would be impossible to name just one it’s always fucked up madness but a lotta lotta skit

BBM: Three words that describe the band? 

BBM: How would you say the sound has evolved since forming? 
That’s hard to say, I suppose we’ve got a little bit more heavier in recording due to the digital age and the fact that nothing is recorded in analogue any more,, I’d like to think that we’ve stuck basically to our original sound which I reckon is unique to the klingonz

BBM: Favorite place to tour and why?
I couldn’t say as it doesn’t  matter  where we play we always have a good time whether playing to thousands or hundreds and to be honest the whole thing always goes by in a haze of booze and illegal substances  yeeeeeeeehaaaaaa

BBM: I heard there may be a trip to the U.S. Next year. Is it just one show in cali or may there be a tour?
It will probably be a one off show but who knows…watch this space

BBM: Current thought on the Psychobilly scene? 
I think it’s looking really healthy at the moment,,it died in the middle of the nineties but now it’s back with a vengeance..there’s a lot of really good up and coming bands which is exactly what the scene needs to keep it alive plus it’s spread worldwide thank fuck

BBM: Whats currently in heavy rotation in your IPod?
Phenomenots..Dwarves..Sir psyko..Nic curran..Motorhead..Jello Biafra..Blood sucking zombies..

BBM: A fact a fan may not know about you? 
I break into peoples house when I’m not on the road (I’m a professional locksmith)

BBM: Any special plans for Halloween? 
For me Halloween is every day..i don’t need an excuse to dress up and act the comes easy

BBM: What are some words of wisdom you would give a youth wanting to be in a Psychobilly band? 
One fuckin’ life fuckin’ live it..your a long time dead so enjoy it and don’t take it all too can’t make a living from psychobilly  but it’s the best craic in the world so fuck the money

BBM: Whats coming up for the band in the future?
We are currently working on a new ep   25TH ANNIVERSARY  HONK  EP which we hope to release early in the new year then hopefully a new album  KLOWNZ ‘R’ US  later in the year

BBM: Any Last words anything you want to add?
CHEERS ‘N’ MANY MANY BEERS………………HONK HONK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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