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Banane Metalic Interview

BBM: So how’s life been treating you?
Ced: To be honest 2012 was one the worst period of my life. In some words , we had a two years break with the band .During this period I worked on a musical side project “HASTA LA MUERTE”  But after a troma, my health was really bad, I had no other choice to stop all my activities. Now I’m coming back with BANANE METALIK…stronger than ever ! Music is my life, it’s my passion since I was a teenager.
BBM: Tell me about Hasta La Muerte?
Ced: It’a long time project, I was thinking about it 3 years ago. I met a musician “El bastardo” and we decided to work on this project together. My brother and other Banane Metalik members helped us to strengthen the result.
We’re coming  to spice up the musical landscape with a good dose of insanity and authenticity. Killing riffs, striking texts, voodoo rituals, cult of the dead, fiestas, sexy santa muerte, loco luchadores…  Hasta la muerte baby!!!

BBM: How did you come up with the name?
Ced: It’s weird… at the beginning it was a means to say that some people make the choice to have a rock’n’roll way of live till death. Two months after, I went to hospital just after a vocal recording session for this project.
Above all It’s a side project  to express my love for exploitation movies, undead world, cultura Mexicana de los muertos.
To be honest,  I’m tired with the fact that the dia de los muertos has become so fuckin’cool, as a fashion, a proof that you’re so rock’n’roll..
The fist time I wrote and released the song “Santa Muerta” for BANANE METALIK ( in 2003 ), my friends didn’t understand  my love for this universe . Ten years after, they wear mexican  tshirts, the girls did santa muerte make-up, the boys have luchadores tattoos… However a lot of people really likes this universe, so I started with this name and I will keep it.
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The Black Rose Phantoms

The Black Rose Phantoms are a Psychobilly band from Cali. More than that; they are a hybrid of the genre with a heavy dose of Metal and a twist of Goth music. I have been a fan for years now and I think there latest album “Among Dead Men” is there most solid recordings too date.  “Beyond Purple Hills” adds some very smooth and melodic vocals and guitars and “A Sailors Tale” really brings the speed from the upright bass and metal guitar licks we have to come love. The Black Rose Phantoms are one of the few US Psychobilly bands I haven’t seen live and hopefully that will change in 2013. Keep your eyes open for TBRP in a town near you. I had a chance to interview Ozzy and here’s the man himself….

BBM: What’s your name and what do you do for the band?
My name is Ozzy and I sing and play stand up bass for Black Rose Phantoms

BBM: How’s life treating ya?
Life is amazing

BBM: What was your first major experience with music and how did you know it was for you?
My first major experience with music was at a young age my father and older brother introduced me to a lot of 1950’s Rock n Roll, Doo-Wop, Country and Metal. I always knew it was for me because I was always fascinated by the life style, image and what bands I was listening to were singing about

BBM: Give our readers a little history on The Black Rose Phantoms?
The Black Rose Phantoms started in late 2002 by our old rhythm guitarist (Grim Phantom),our original singer and myself. We recorded our first demo in 2003 and at the time of the recording our singer decided to depart from the band. So I went in a redid the vocals and took on the responsibility of fronting the band within a month or two we were invited to do our very first tour with psychobilly legends Nekromantix and its been on ever since.

BBM: How did you come up with the band’s name?
Our original singer came up with the name so I’m not to sure. But we all loved it and felt that it fit us perfect.

BBM: Tell us about the new album Among Dead Men”?
Among Dead Men is our second full length album. That just came out a few months ago. It is also our first album that we recorded as a 3 piece which is the current line up.

BBM: How would you say the sound of the band has evolved for this album? The band has a very diverse sound.
For this album we really took our time in composing the material and we really wanted to show how we have grown as musicians. We wanted to show our different influences and really tap more into them. So the metal sounding stuff sounds metal and the country sounding stuff sounds really country and of course the psycho stuff we wanted to keep it to what fans are used to.

BBM: What type of crowd do you usually see at your shows?
The crowd is always very diverse we get a little bit of everything metal heads, punks, psycho’s

BBM: Three words that describe the band?
Brutal, Epic, Loud

BBM: One reason you’re a musician?
The satisfaction of knowing that I made an impact in some one’s life through my music

BBM: Favorite Place to tour and why?
My favorite place to tour is in the Washington and Oregon area. The crowds, our friends and the weather are just awesome and the drive up there is  amazing

BBM: When will y’all be in Texas?
We will be in Texas again sometime in March or April of 2013

BBM: Funniest/ Most Memorable career moment?
One time we played a show at the Keyclub in Los Angeles it was a wild night and I had to many drinks. And I forgot my standup bass at the venue. The next day when I called to see if my bass was still there the manager was like “ How do you forget a standup bass somewhere” lol

What are your thoughts on the current Psychobilly scene?
I feel that the scene is a bit different from the way it was years before. At least here in LA. The kids that are getting into psycho these days seem to be more into the traditional neo psychobilly stuff as appose to years ago they were into harder sounding stuff like Os Catalepticos and Banane Metalik

BBM: Where do you find inspiration in life?
From friends, relationships, books that I read and being on the road

BBM: What are some words of wisdom you would give a youth wanting to start a Psychobilly band?
Don’t be afraid to tap into other musical roots and mess around with different sounds. Find your own sound

BBM: What’s currently in heavy rotation in your record player?
I’ve been listening to a lot of Gaslight Anthem, Terror and Jd Mcpherson lately
BBM: A fact a fan may not know about you?
I don’t like roller coasters

BBM: What’s a long term career goal for The Black Rose Phantoms?
To do what we love every day. Write music, tour, meet amazing people and make a mark on people’s lives

BBM: What’s coming up for the band in the future?
We have a show with Nekromantix coming up December 21st 2012 and we will be touring out of the country for the first time next year and a lot of Us tours as well

BBM: Where can fans find out the latest news and get some merch?
On our facebook and or on our website that will be up soon. Merch can be purchased through us directly, Interpunk, Itunes, Amazon

BBM: Any last words anything you want to add?

Thank you to all of you that support us

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Buzz Campbell

Buzz Campbell is modern Rockabilly great and future legend of the genre. Buzz plays a wicked guitar and smooth vocals for Hotrod Lincoln and his self-titled band. In the past, he has also played guitar for Shanana and the legendary Stray Cats. Another project you may know him from is his guitar playing with Lee Rocker for the last 8 years.  Buzz Campbell released “Shiver’s and Shakes” and is one of my favorite albums of 2012. In my opinion it’s one of the best kept secrets of Rockabilly and hasn’t got the publicity it deserves. Buzz and Lee are also having a contest for a sweet, sweet Gretsch 6120! All you have to do is enter your email on his or Lee’s site; what more could you ask for?! I had a chance to speak with Buzz Campbell and here’s the man himself…

To enter in the Gretsch contest go to

BBM: What was your first major experience with music and how did you know Rockabilly was for you?
I come from a music family and when I was 5 I would play songs on the piano by ear. I first was really moved by some old cassette tapes my father gave me. There was these old doo wop tapes and it really struck a chord for me.  After that I really started to gravitate to 50’s rock n’ roll and Rockabilly.

BBM: Let’s talk about your last record Shivers and Shakes.  How would you say the sound of the band has evolved since earlier recordings?
I released quite a few records with Hotrod Lincoln since forming in 1991. We’ve always had a cleaner traditional Rockabilly sound.  With Shivers and Shakes I was really trying to add an edge to it. I used some distortion, Overdrive on my vocals, Hoped up a little more. I wanted to give it almost a 50’s vibe with a modern twist. The guitars scream a little Johnny Bowler joined me he’s the upright bass player of the Guano Batz. He’s definitely coming from a Psychobilly and neo-billy background. Our drummer stinky is almost a punk, buddy rich player. It brings a lot more energy and edge. I think the song writing was a lot better.

BBM: Definitely a killer album, I love the beautiful guitar licks! Let’s talk about you playing with all the original members of Stray Cats that kind of major…
It’s major, idk how much of my history you know but I’ll give your readers a brief history. I was hugely influenced by 50’s Rock n Roll, like I said from my father’s cassettes. Later I picked up a guitar and in high school I was really into Chuck Berry and the Beetles. Eventually I got into Carl Perkins, you know bands the Beetles liked. I started playing all that stuff at an early age and a girlfriend of mine said “Hey, I’m going to take you to see this band I think you’ll like them”.  There were maybe 300 people there and I walked in with one expectation and walked out like wow. I dropped out of college and I was; I’m going to be that, it was that much of an impact. I met Lee Rocker shortly after my bands going got (Hotrod Lincoln) he produced my first record, which was mind blowing! Years ago Brian Setzer wrote (Blue Café) on my 3rd record, which was a pretty major moment in my life also.

BBM: Really I didn’t know that?
The short story is I was in San Diego and he was with the orchestra in the early 90’s. We had met up a lot of times over the years and one night I was at a club and he was next door at another club. My friend told me he was there and I went to go see him. He was like “Hey bud, how you doing?” and he came next door and we got loaded. He stayed at my crappy apartment and slept on the couch. Shortly after that he called me and said I wrote you a track (Blue Café). Slim Jim Phantom was the last one I got to know he called me and I did a sub for him when he was in a trio. It’s amazing, the coolest thing in 08, I was support for the Stray Cats on a European tour. The last night they invited me to play and I played on the encore and it was such a trip to me. You got to understand, I was that kid in the front row and all of a sudden I’m playing beside Brian Setzer on stage. It was like what just happened, it’s unbelievable.

BBM: That’s amazing,  so great…
It’s kind of like that movie Rock Star with Mark Walberg. He was a fan of a band and then he’s in the band. I’ve been with them for 8 years now. It’s kind of how I feel some times; I’ve been with Lee Rocker, in his band 8 years now and we’ve been friends for 20. Sometimes it’s like holy shit; I’m playing with the Stray Cats. I guess it’s good, it keeps the energy high.

BBM: I saw Lee Rocker’s latest animated video, are you still doing guitar?
Yeah anything he’s doing or goes for the last 8 years I’m on. I’m like his right hand man; for instance where going to England for a duet thing in a month or two.  There’s supposed to be a cartoon version of me.

BBM: On both or your sites you have a contest going on?
Of course I’m a big Gretsch guy and they are always good to me. Email is kind of what’s happens now so to get a good collection going. We got them to donate a guitar and there’s no trick to it. It’s on the US cause there’s some crazy stipulation about shipping guitars overseas.  It’s going on till the end of the year and you get entered for the free contest and we ship it to a lucky winner!

BBM: Three words that describe your music?
Roots influenced with a modern twist. Some country, heavy blues, and rock n roll and I would also like to think there’s originality I bring to it that’s just Buzz. I’ve never been one to try to copy a style, I’m a huge fan of Roots music. I always felt I have to be myself for it to be entertaining for myself and real. Whatever I’m into at the time is what I like to write about.

BBM: I definitely love it I’m really big into Psychobilly and Rockabilly. Even my wife and my little girl where jamming out to your music earlier. In 2012, it’s great to see great Rockabilly out there!  Favorite place to tour and why?
That’s a good one, I’ve had some wonderful tours all over the place. In the states, idk California has always been good. There’s a great solid south California Rockabilly/ Psychobilly/ Punk scene that is very supportive of us. Especially the Social Distortion fans and it’s just fun in the East coast. The food, the people, everything is different but nothing compares to the tour’s I’ve done in Europe. Some of my fondest memories are riding a train in Europe with a beer in one hand and a sandwich in another. Riding the train’s from country to country and the people are so into it. There’s so much culture over there and they make me feel so appreciated. To pin point one country is hard to do. Too many great countries over there.

BBM: Where do you find inspiration in life?
All the early Hotrod Lincoln stuff you hear are great drinking songs! As I get older I want to write about more meaningful things. I have kids two, a 6 and 8 year old. You know you get older and aren’t drinking and chicks all the time. It’s funny, back then it was easy; I just wrote about what I was doing every weekend. I try to come up with a clever, interesting idea like with Shivers and Shakes song Time, was a song I wrote a long time ago. No pun intended kind of a happy up beat song we didn’t use. It was too tongue and cheek and not what I was going for. All of a sudden it went dark, from I want to spend time with you to creepy. A stalker love song that’s what I would call it and that’s where I like to take music. Still have an old vibe but put something modern to it.

BBM: I love that are you currently recording new material?
Shivers and Shakes was my first solo record, but I haven’t set a date to get back in the studio. It definitely is in the back of my head, I’m just so busy. Shivers and Shakes hasn’t  got a lot of exposure. Or I would like to do touring for it. It’s just what it is for me right now I’m just trying to put out good music and I’m definitely doing staying to do some writing.

BBM: Yeah it’s a great album I love it! What are some words of wisdom you would give a youth wanting to be a professional guitar player?
Don’t do it stay in school!  I remember me and Lee Rocker where talking one time and I asked him if his son would pursue a music carrier he was really talented. Lee told me “you know as well as I do Buzz you don’t choose to do music. Music chooses you” and that’s so true for me. You don’t make a plan your obsessed with it and the only way to be a professional is to be obsessed. Just do everything you can to develop your craft. For me I took a lot of lessons and took music theory. Gig, gig, gig, put in the hours it’s the best you can do same for singing. I was a decent singer and it was pure passion, I just wanted to be good at it.  Don’t let it go to your head. Everyone is going to tell you your great in the beginning. Everyone has something they can improve?

BBM: What are some hobbies?
I do a lot of eating (laughs). On tour, we love to try the food ever where we go. I like the entire tour experience and to see everything I can. I enjoy cultural different weather east, west coast, French, German’s. I love to get a vibe of new cities from 2004-2007 I worked for Shanana and I remember being at an after party in Crocket, Tx., in the mayors house. It was mind blowing, this is how people live. Then the next week, your in Chicago, such an interesting way to live…

BBM: Where can fans find the latest news?
The website is the best place to go www.Buzzcampbell.comand I’m involved in everything he’s doing. 

BBM: It’s amazing to play with a legend like Lee Rocker all the time and you’ve had such a great carrier. Here’s to many more years and I hope you come out to San Antonio some time!
Year’s ago with Hotrod Lincoln we played at the Roaring 50’s in San Antonio is was fun. Lee Rocker doesn’t go through Texas that much it, just seems like the offers aren’t there. Of course we’ve done Austin and I’d love to come back. I was also born in Dallas and left when I was 3, I consider myself a Texan. There’s also a lot of great music out of Texas…

BBM: Any Last words anything you want to add on to this interview?
I just want to thank people for checking it out and keep in touch. I like to talk with people on Facebook, it’s great; I love talking to people from so many places. I’m very open and receptive and I love when people come to a show. I should say I hate when people come to a show and say I wanted to say hey but didn’t want to bother. No! Come talk to me, it’s what we do. It’s such a labor of love and I’m glad to hear what you said about the record and glad you like it. I want to get out there and do more shows. I think what has hurt us the most is the economy crashing. Right after the Shakers tour I thought I would be in Europe and I haven’t been back since. Were returning shortly just Lee and I.

BBM: Tell us about that duo with Lee Rocker?
It’s not something we do all the time there’s situations where he’s asked to perform, but he can’t bring an entire band. Last year he was doing the Million Dollar quartet show and he did a cameo for that for two weeks. After two weeks, they introduced him being in the Stray Cats and he did a tune and he said Buzz string me out and we did the morning news as a Duo. There’s a good video on his website just the two of us and it’s him clipping bass and singing and I play the guitar. People are always blown away about it. People are like, you sound great just the two of you. You’re a little more exposed that way.

BBM: Man that’s awesome. I heard about the Million Dollar Quartet but Lee Rocker and Buzz Campbell on Broadway! That’s so awesome!!
Isn’t it crazy. I was like it’s on my resume, I did Broadway…

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Cenobites have been Rockin and Rollin since 1994 and are one of the best Psychobilly bands from the Netherlands. The band has been very busy the last few years heavily touring. One of their most recent albums is “Paradise for the Damned”, which is a killer album!!  Cenobites most recent tour was in Indonesia and it looked like it was a blast. If you’re not familiar with the Cenobites make sure to check them out, you won’t regret it. I had a chance to talk with Peter G. Vogell and here’s the man himself…

BBM: What’s your name and what do you do for the band?
Peter G. Vogeli, entertainer, driver, a lot of thinking, realizing our bizarre plans & bass player.

BBM: How’s life treating ya?
Nice, I consider myself a lucky guy! Nothing to complain, I have some hairspray left, my wheels are still rolling, my wife says she loves me and we have a gig coming up this weekend.

BBM: What was your first major experience with Psychobilly and how did you know it was for you?
Some guys in school said I was a psychobilly because of my haircut. I didn’t know what they were talking about as I considered myself a punk.  They gave me a tape with the Quakes and the Klingonz, which stroke like lightning.  I was doomed to be a teenager forever; now I knew what I was made for and what I wanted to do in live….. No politics; which bored me to death in the skinhead and punk scene, just party hard and slapping basses!  Around that time I met the current Ceno-singer, with whom I went to a lot of legendary festivals and party’s over the last 20 years.

BBM: Are the Cenobites currently recording new material?  If so tell us about it!
We are always busy making and creating songs, which for me, is the sign a band is still healthy. We are doing some test recordings in new studio’s we have not used before, to check if these will meet our expectations. As soon as we have found the right one, we will start recording a new album.  The songs are ready but in the mean time we’ll keep on writing to see if we can get 100% hits.  >8-)

BBM: How would you say the sound of the band has evolved since forming?
As I look and listen back at it  we were more of a loud, voodoo, garage, out-of-tune, charming, swamp-trio which started playing faster and meaner, more guitars, steel strings on the double bass, instead of the blubbery guts-strings. All getting older with musically preferences also changing, some line-up changes with fresh metal, hardcore and grindcore blood in the band. (We used to pick out our new members only on their haircut and if we could party with them, some never left!) Evolving in what we are now. We are very proud we can say, we always did what we liked and what we thought was good, never tried to be hip or go with some sort of fashionable musical flow.

BBM: Three words that describe the band?
Rotterdam, Psychobilly , Fuck all

BBM: If I remember correctly the band broke up for a few years? What made you decide to reunite? You remembered wrong. We have never split up, going strong since 1994. There have been quite a lot of line-up changes, but we never stopped.  We are not releasing albums on a regular base of 6 months, so maybe it’s quite sometimes around Cenobites, we’ve been busy with other bands at times, but we never gave up Cenobites.

BBM: Tell us about the psychonesian tour how was it?
The Indonesian tour was a real success, all shows took place, we met a lot of nice people, saw some really good and crazy bands, (I never knew there were psychobilly bands in Indonesia!). We enjoyed the weather and the food and we’d like to go back!
BBM: Any funny/ memorable moment from the tour you care to share?
We’ll I never combed my hair in a mosque! During a festival they all stopped rocking and wrecking and went praying for about 10 minutes and came back and went berzerk again.
Another strange story was; that the amplifier for the vocals broke down at a show, the signal was coming in and the speakers were connected. The lady from the bar said it was due to “the Dutch lady”. As I’ve not seen other Dutch people around, I asked where she was and why she did it.. It turned out to be a ghost from a Dutch lady who lived in the house which was colonial and who got flowers every week from the bar owner, but got the wrong flowers that week?!   How psycho do you want it ?! hehehehe

BBM: Any plans to come to the US?
I heard rumors form our management of June 2013, but nothing sure yet.
If anybody feels like booking us… feel free to contact!

BBM: Where do you find inspiration in life?
Mostly from music, touring, the parties and fun at concerts we play, stupid movies, Beavis and Butthead,  weekends, travelling, my wife and my weirdo friends all over the planet.

BBM: A fun fact a fan may not know about you?
I’m a teenage party freak in a body of a 37 year old dude, who turned into rocknroll so he didn’t had to grow up.
Click on Pic to go to Cenobites official site!!

BBM: What’s currently in heavy rotation in your record player?
Toxic holocaust: An overdose of death

BBM: What are some words of wisdom you would give a youth wanting to be in a Psychobilly band?
          Make sure it’ll always stays fun, of course there‘ll be moments in a band you want to hang yourself, but in general it’s about having fun with your friends.
          Stick to the plan, it might take a few years but in the end they’ll know you and you will play life shows and as a wise Dutch man once said regarding playing shows: “ Bigger is not always more fun”
          Don’t try to be hip or something like that, be yourself.
          Don’t think you’ll headline a festival because all the old psychobilly hero’s first have to die before you’ll step up that ladder.
          Don’t take it too seriously, it’s all for fun!

BBM: So 2 of the members from Cenobites are in Stealers. Can you tell us a little bit about the band?
A punk band with which we will release our first album on Rebellion records 14.12.2012, the guitar player and me are playing in Stealers and receiving some good response. We can’t get enough of rehearsing and playing hehehe so most of the Cenobites members  have other bands, which keeps us enthusiastic and brings in new ideas. Check out Stealers Rotterdam.

BBM: What’s coming up for the band in the future?
As I said we are busy with new songs, rehearsing and fine tuning them and we hope to start recording beginning next year. In the mean time we’ll keep on playing and partying.  We are preparing some shows in Italy in April, not sure yet if we can call it a tour, but who knows how it will turn out.

BBM: Where can fans find the latest news and get some merch?
We can be contacted via our website or facebook and we will send you whatever you want and we have left from merchandise.

BBM: Any Last words anything you want to add?
Support your local punk, psycho & skinhead scene! 
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Creepin Cadavers

Creepin Cadavers is a good ol’ fashioned Psychobilly band from Michigan. Other genre influences that can be found in their music are Rockabilly and Punk. The band will launch a kickstarter for their upcoming full length album “Now in 3D”. Make sure to check the page out and donate if you can! A release date hasn’t been set for the album yet, so stay tuned to Creepin Cadaver’s Facebook and website for the latest updates. As a special treat the fine folks from Creepin Cadaver’s shared a band photo from the upcoming album art. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the band…

from album “Now in 3D”

BBM: Give our readers a little history on your group
Creepin Cadavers came out of the ground in the spring of 2007. When my horror punk band, called it quits. Around the same time Jeff and Al’s band was breaking up as well. I was bored with the music scene in the area, dozens of bands all sounding the same. I had finally saved enough to purchase an upright bass and asked Jeff and Al if they would like to do something different. We hit the ground running and have been moving ever since.
BBM: what was your first major experience with music and how did you know you wanted to be in a band?
We as a band really started from the beginning with clear goals set and have been doing our best to achieve those goals. Touring, making new records, having people have a good time at our shows. That’s what’s most important about being in this band.
BBM: How did you come up with the band’s name?
We came up with the name one day sitting in Al’s room after practice. I think we blurted it out due to our love of classic zombie movies. It’s cheesy but I wouldn’t change it.
BBM: Three words that describe the band?
Loud Fast Melodic
BBM: Tell our readers about the new album;
The new album “Now in 3D” is a long awaited culmination of the bands evolution over the last few years. While not a complete departure from the last ride, we as a band have grown, as people have aged, and the music somewhat reflects that. The packaging we are doing is really going to be worth actually getting a hardcopy of the cd.
BBM: I love the name of the album “now in 3d” Who came up with it?
We were discussing cd layouts and artwork, and it was the first thing to pop into my head. I spent a lot of summer days when I was young sneaking into black and white horror movies, as well as some 3d Slasher movies and it’s been something I’ve always had an interest in.
BBM: How would you describe the sound of the album? 
A blend of music for everyone. We have always been a punk/Psychobilly band that didn’t really fit in either genre really well. This record really goes above and beyond to have a wide spectrum of all our musical tastes. Sure, the songs may seem campy at first, but if you scratch the surface you see that the songs hold something more. The songs range from aggressive and heavy, dark and broody, to happy and upbeat.
BBM: When/where can fans get their hands on it?
It will be available on our big cartel as well as itunes, and interpunk, but mainly the best place to get it is to come see us at a show! We also will be launching a kickstarter for the new record in December, which has some great rewards for anyone who wants to be a part of us making this record.
BBM: Where do you find inspiration in life?
Life experiences, and movies and books.
BBM: Favorite place to tour and why?
We have a few favorites. La, so much movie history there, we spent the day traveling to see see old movie locations. As well The great lake areas. Detroit, Milwaukee , Chicago. Over the years, we have made family with the crews and kids in those cities and we have a blast every time we head up there.
BBM: Funniest touring moment?
Too many to list, some I couldn’t say due to issues with the law. I will say. When driving through Texas and you are stopped at border patrol and asked if everyone’s an American citizen, SAY YES! They will drag you out of the van at 5 30 in the morning and search all your gear for drugs.
BBM: How’s the scene in your city?
Scene? What scene? Western mass is a difficult place to be a band.
BBM: What’s currently in heavy rotation in your record player?
Right now I’m on a big 1476 kick. It’s a band from Massachusetts, who puts out great broody dark but upbeat music.
BBM: A fact a fan may not know about you?
A fun fact of our band, we listen to strung out before our set to get syked up.
BBM: What’s coming up for the band in the future? I think a tour in Texas is in order!
The future of the band is to just keep making music , as well as hit the road as much as we can. Touring is where we shine. we love being out there and meeting new people and having a good time.
BBM: Where can fans get the latest news and some merch?
You can check our website for new, shows and info and we have a new big cartel just opened.
BBM: Any last words anything you want to add?
I’d like to add please check out our upcoming kickstarter and come see a show !
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The Pagan Dead

When you think of Salt Lake City, UT you don’t think about Psychobilly. One of the hardest bands of the genre emerges from SLC. The Pagan Dead have been around since 2000 and will soon be releasing there 3rd album. You can hear a heavy Metal influence in there sound as well as other influences. Its been a long time since the band released a new album so I’m glad to heard they are still going strong. Keep your eyes on there page for more information on the band as we eagerly await the release of the “The One of the Black Goatskin”. I had a chance to speak with Muerto and here’s the man in his own words…

BBM: Whats your name and what do you do for the band?
My name is Patrick also known as Hades or Muerto. Upright Bass, Vocals, and Songwriter
BBM: Hows life treating ya?
Life has been extremely busy for the last couple of years but it has been good.
BBM: How did you come up with the bands name Pagan Dead?
The name comes from the Samhain song entitled Samhain. “Autumn’s cold brings the Pagan Dead who seek the warmth of the Samhain fires.” We did a cover version of the song on our first album and it was one of the first songs we started playing together as a band.
BBM: What was your first major experience in music and what made you want to be in a psychobilly band?
I first played bass in a couple of rockabilly bands in my late teens/early twenties. Playing rockabilly was a good experience but I wanted to start something where I could express other interests so I formed the Pagan Dead and began writing songs. The Pagan Dead has never been just a psychobilly band. We have always crossed over into metal, and this has steadily progressed with each release.
BBM: Three words that describe the band?
Primeval. Vehement. Chthonic.
BBM: I heard the unmasterd track and its killer! Tell our readers about the album?
We have a new album coming out soon that we’ve been working on for quite a few years now. It has 8 songs and is about an hour long. It is concept album dealing with a Sorcerer’s magickal workings, which lead him to the Sabbath of the Sorcerers. Each song represents and depicts a different formula, rite, ceremony, initiation, etc. the culmination of which is the dreaded Sabbath where the Sorcerer becomes the God and is rent asunder. His flesh and blood partaken of as a sacrament. We have a preview track up on YouTube for listeners to check out.
BBM: What’s the name of the album and how did you come up with it?
The name of our new album is “The One of the Black Goatskin”, which is also the title of the final song on the album. It is an epithet of Bacchus and the song is a hymn unto him. It depicts the Bacchanalia as the Sabbath of the Sorcerers. The major influence for the song was Frazer’s Golden Bough.
BBM: How would you say the sound of this album has evolved compared to past work?

Our sound has evolved considerably on this album, especially with the addition of our new guitar players—Rocker and Alejandro. Both of whom are excellent guitar players and this is our first album to feature 2 guitar players which makes the songs more dynamic with harmonies and amazing guitar solos. The sound is darker, heavier, more dynamic, and has progressed further towards metal.  I took a different approach to the songwriting process and with the help and input of the rest of the members of the band it had a great impact on the end result of each song.

BBM: When/where can people get their hands on it?
We don’t have a date set as of now. We’re working on getting it out early in 2013. Possibly January. We will have a CD release show here in Salt Lake City which will be the first place people will be able to get there hands on the new album. Then we will have it for sale digitally and through the website shortly thereafter.
BBM: How would you say the psychobilly scene had changed since forming?
Here in Salt Lake City the psychobilly scene is practically non-existent and I would say we are fairly out of touch with how the scene is in other parts of the world. It seems like it has died down considerably from when the band formed. There used to be a lot more going on out in California as far as festivals and big shows.
BBM: Funniest touring moment?
I think I could answer the question better as a most memorable tour moment rather than funniest, which would have to be the day after one of our shows in Browsville out on a beach in the gulf of Mexico with a bottle of mescal, a bottle of anejo, a cooler full of beer, a huge bonfire, fire walking and shooting a handgun at a metal garbage can.
BBM: Favorite place to tour and why?
Our favorite place to tour is probably Austin and Brownsville Texas. Great crowd, great friends, and a great time after the show!
BBM: Where do you find inspiration in life?
I find inspiration from books, music, poetry, nature, magick, meditation and other mystical practices, and from the gods…

BBM: A fact a fan may not know about you?
I am a ceremonial magician and a yogi and am currently in teacher training to become a certified Yoga teacher. I am also an avid owner of the American Pit Bull Terrier. I currently have 4 dogs that are all named after gods and goddesses.
BBM: What’s in heavy rotation in your ipod?
Anything and everything by Brown Bird has been in heavy rotation for quite some time now.
BBM: What are some words of wisdom you would give a youth wanting to start a psychobilly band?
As with everything in life, if you put your will into it you will succeed. Where there is a will there is a way. Don’t let anything or anybody get in your way.
BBM: Besides the album whats coming up for the future?
As of now we don’t have any other plans for the future. I am starting a new project and will probably mainly focus on that for now. We’ll see what the future holds.

BBM: Where can fans get merch and the latest news on the band?
We should have some new merch made up for the CD release and we will be updating our website and will have some for sale on there again. Best place for latest news will be on the website once its updated or on our Facebook page.
BBM: Any last words anything you want to add?
For some last words how about a quote of some lyrics off the upcoming album? “Cast out of a dying womb a God without form, and from the lightning’s fire the daemon is reborn…”

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If you are a fan of Psychobilly and have never heard of the Klingonz you may have been living under a rock! They are a legendary band who help make the genre what it is today. Klingonz was the first Psychobilly band I heard and life has never been the same since then. We are in the era of Klingonz-Klownz and it looks like an amazing live show.  I can’t wait to catch them in the U.S.A. in the near future and you should too. One things for sure these are the guys I want to party with!! They are currently celebrating 25 years of success and have many more years to go. Make sure to check them out if you haven’t already.  I had a chance to speak with Titch and here’s the man himself… 

For more info on Klingonz-Klowns please see:

BBM: Whats your name and what do you do for the band? 
My name is Titch and I’m the lead singer/screamer 

BBM: How’s life treating ya? 
Pretty good it’s the bands 25th anniversary and we have been doing a lot of shows to celebrate it so we’ve been having a lot of fucked up fun

BBM: What was your first major experience and how did you know Psychobilly Was for you?
The band grew up together in Dublin as teddy boys and we always talked about getting a band together..when psychobilly came along it was a natural progression for us to get into it and we were hooked from the very beginning…we still are

BBM: Who named the band and how did they come up with it? 
Honestly I can’t remember who actually came up with the name as we were all pissed at the time but the name is cross between a fucked up version of star trek clingons and the dry shit that sometimes  hangs from the hair on your arsehole

BBM: In the year 2001 a Worm hole opened causing a rift in time meant the Klingonz could travel back to Earth. I’m glad the band returned did it feel good to reunite and how did it come about?
We were all working on side projects at the time and the band never really split up we just had a break to explore other musical influences that we all personally had…..we will never split up we love it too much

BBM: When did the Klingonz-Klownz Change occur and how did it come about? 
We have been dressing up wearing costumes and going through different phases since the band first started as we like to give a fucked up visual experience as well as fucked up rock ‘n’ roll..we were on the road pissed (as usual)when we started thinking about the klown change we decided to get a bona fide clown to add to the madness and because it’s been such a success we then decided to enlist a dwarf and it’s all working out really well so I reckon the klown phase will be around for a while HONK HONK!!!!!

BBM: Being such a diverse band, who are some of your influences?
Our influences are anything musically from early rock ‘n’ roll and garage to modern punk and oi and of course psychobilly and visually anything that looks remotely bizarre/sick/fucked up/abnormal ha ha

BBM: The Klingonz-klownz looks like a lot of fun to be around, Funniest touring moment?
I couldn’t pick just one moment I would need to write a book of good times..We are all good mates and it’s always  krazy  on the road..Ask anyone whose had the pleasure or pain depending on how they viewed it ha ha

BBM: It’s an honor to be able to interview such an iconic band of Psychobilly. What’s one of your most memorable touring moment? 

See above mate it would be impossible to name just one it’s always fucked up madness but a lotta lotta skit

BBM: Three words that describe the band? 

BBM: How would you say the sound has evolved since forming? 
That’s hard to say, I suppose we’ve got a little bit more heavier in recording due to the digital age and the fact that nothing is recorded in analogue any more,, I’d like to think that we’ve stuck basically to our original sound which I reckon is unique to the klingonz

BBM: Favorite place to tour and why?
I couldn’t say as it doesn’t  matter  where we play we always have a good time whether playing to thousands or hundreds and to be honest the whole thing always goes by in a haze of booze and illegal substances  yeeeeeeeehaaaaaa

BBM: I heard there may be a trip to the U.S. Next year. Is it just one show in cali or may there be a tour?
It will probably be a one off show but who knows…watch this space

BBM: Current thought on the Psychobilly scene? 
I think it’s looking really healthy at the moment,,it died in the middle of the nineties but now it’s back with a vengeance..there’s a lot of really good up and coming bands which is exactly what the scene needs to keep it alive plus it’s spread worldwide thank fuck

BBM: Whats currently in heavy rotation in your IPod?
Phenomenots..Dwarves..Sir psyko..Nic curran..Motorhead..Jello Biafra..Blood sucking zombies..

BBM: A fact a fan may not know about you? 
I break into peoples house when I’m not on the road (I’m a professional locksmith)

BBM: Any special plans for Halloween? 
For me Halloween is every day..i don’t need an excuse to dress up and act the comes easy

BBM: What are some words of wisdom you would give a youth wanting to be in a Psychobilly band? 
One fuckin’ life fuckin’ live it..your a long time dead so enjoy it and don’t take it all too can’t make a living from psychobilly  but it’s the best craic in the world so fuck the money

BBM: Whats coming up for the band in the future?
We are currently working on a new ep   25TH ANNIVERSARY  HONK  EP which we hope to release early in the new year then hopefully a new album  KLOWNZ ‘R’ US  later in the year

BBM: Any Last words anything you want to add?
CHEERS ‘N’ MANY MANY BEERS………………HONK HONK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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